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Commercial Radio Hong Kong Toolbar Interview: MM7 series Jer's ultimate FF world! Collaborate with The Hertz

Joy and Song  - MM7

ORIGINAL: Pleasure & Song IG @ delightcantopop  ( link )

After experiencing death and rebirth, Jer will start a new chapter on his music road in 2022, and use one of his fans' famous name library "MM7" as the song title. In addition to the lyricist SiuHak and the arranger and producer Carl Wong, Jer also collaborated with the band The Hertz for the first time. The song "MM7" was composed and arranged by The Hertz.

If you are not Jer's fans, many people don't know the solution of "MM7". In fact, I had to ask a music fans of Jer. "MM7" is a quick code for "fantastic". Fans will use "really good mm7" to say "really good and right". With such a special song title, I think that Jer and this team hope to use this song to show a rare aspect of Jer's previous works: whether it is "Story" or "Rebirth" series, Jer's music has always been more serious than people's. , dignified, mysterious and even heavy, it is a song that makes people listen well, reflect more, and have a lot of information. Therefore, Jer hopes to listen to everyone through the new song "MM7". It doesn't have to be heavy to listen to her singing, you can enjoy it and relax, and you will be happy after listening to it, like taking a vacation.

What attracted me most to this song was the melody part, so it had the characteristics of The Hertz, with a little retro but not old-fashioned flavor. Fans who have listened to The Hertz know that their "retro" style is very unique. This time, "MM7" is released, and the lead vocal Herman has some arrangement and harmony. There will be no sense of violation and harmony in the playlist. SiuHak's lyrics still have the shadow of the "Rebirth" series. He uses words related to family affection and family to construct Jer's "MM7-style life". Try to make this song more inserted into Chill and the playful and emotional picture. Serious information, emphasizing that no matter how desolate the world is, you can find your own excitement, your own happy way, and live your own MM7-style life.

There has been a breakthrough in the subject matter. Jer also imitated the "Diary of a Madman" in his performance, so he released the lock and sang the "MM7-style life" imagined in his heart. You can imagine when he performed this song live. Exploding the scene of the stage. Moreover, in terms of dealing with the details of the song, this song "MM7" is more detailed than "Madman's Diary", it can be retracted and played, and it is not the whole capital that is churned to blast it up, which also enhances the listenability of this song.

Explores the Definition of MM7

Original: IG@28music.journal  (link)

Having experienced the madness of "Madman's Diary" and the guilt of "Sand Instrument", and then learned self-love from "When the Human Stars Glitter", the music producer Carl Wong (Carl), who has collaborated with Jer many times, described Jer's musical potential as great. Wide, so the works will only be more difficult to sing.

But after listening to <MM7> this time, I felt that Jer should be relieved. "MM7" is a work with a refreshing rhythm and bright tone. It was composed by the local band The Hertz, which is good at groovy genres such as Funk and Jazz. Carl Wong and The Hertz jointly arranged the music. The lyrics continue to be handed over to SiuHak, but the lyrics are relatively lacking. The previous work is difficult, and the title of the song is not taken from classic literature, on the contrary, it is a trendy language that sticks to the ground - MM7. (The positive quick code is MM7)

The song continues to explore the topic of self-love. People often dedicate their love to others first, but forget the importance of loving themselves.

/ There are hundreds of close relatives in life// But who is the closest one who recognizes each other and then loves himself and hugs his true body tightly// Abundant one-legged drama is about to lose his body/

SiuHak spent most of the page talking about self-love, but the last two sentences at the end are a little different, which is quite interesting.

/ Dating again and getting married again will make love and stability that MM7-style life/

Dating and getting married is obviously a necessary stage in normal life. In the process, you need to learn to dedicate love to your other half, which is another knowledge. The last sentence, "settling that MM7-style life", sounds like it has two meanings: First, it is said in a helpless tone that life is all about going through these things; second, I sincerely feel that life should experience these things in order to be called MM7.

In the end, the word "life", with a minor chord, sounds a bit tight, as if to cause everyone to think - what is the life of MM7?

As Jer's first work in 2022, when Hong Kong people are still living in the haze of the epidemic, a vigorous work hopes to bring positive energy. The prelude is a sobering, blue-flavored guitar riff (meaning short, repeated phrases that form an important basis for a song), followed by electronic piano sounds that often appeared in City pop music in the 1980s, except in the prelude. , the chorus also uses this nostalgic sound.

Writing this, I was wondering for a moment whether to describe this song as City pop, because City Pop has a wide range of music styles, so is there any comfortable music style such as Funk, Jazz, Disco, which is very suitable for driving Are the works you listen to City Pop?

Alright, back to <MM7>! The refreshing rhythm ends at the end of the second chorus. As Jer sings "Just a breath and a breath / Just a breath of mine", the bridge's atmosphere becomes cramped and claustrophobic, and the tempo becomes dragged. A dense, warm-toned jazz solo follows, and the song's final refrain is a wake-up call to a full-blown Disco beat. In fact, what I just described is only a matter of half a minute, but the music style changes are very rich, and it is very cool to hear!

Looking back at several of Jer's works, starting from "Diary of a Madman", each song can be said to have a unique voice and a very strong personality. What kind of music style will Carl Wong design for next time? Very much looking forward to it now.


JER personally explained the MM7 MV details

Jer revealed that there are four styles in this MV: "Three actually represent my inner world: one is a music madman; the other silver is a future prodigy who likes to break the frame; the third is a bit autistic Jer who is a little flustered again." Jer continued: "This song wants to bring out that no matter what you are in your heart, you have to choose to accept it and coexist with him. This is an expression of loving yourself."


Interpretation of MM7 MV 

Original: IG@jer.lau_sgfc (link)

After my rebirth, I faced three characters representing my inner world. The first to appear is a child who sometimes pretends to be a ghost and a horse (two clown suits), sometimes panics and is afraid to face himself (selfie with DV). Even if he wanted to rush out of the mirror, he would turn his head back with his gun finger, scared to hide in a corner.

Then I saw the music madman in the mirror, playing different roles without faces in the band, pursuing colorful, liking different types of music, and at the same time looking at the world with a distorted vision, feeling that the world doesn't understand him. However, the excitement of the music band affected the autistic child, who began to light the fire and enjoy the music together, and the stars began to circle around the channel.

When the interludes of breaths and breaths began, the future prodigy appeared. The child prodigy tries to find MM7's secret recipe for life. After taking off the mask and holding up the champagne glass in the mirror, Qu finally tried to face himself and get to know himself.

The jazz music sounded, and I finally took off my mask, wanting to take a serious look at each of myself. On the other side, children and music madmen looked up, as if the barriers and shackles between their worlds were about to be opened. The music madman took a photo with his teammates. Do you want to make a record? Do you want to see yourself clearly?

The future prodigy will soon find the formula for happiness, and the children are very excited, and accept the stars with him. The child prodigy found it with a spark, pried open the locked door, and let the real body see this inner self.

Every me is me, autistic or crazy. If I want to embrace myself, face myself, and love myself, this is the most correct life.

MM7 MV Interpretation

​From Jer's TG Group

Jer woke up in a coffin and his hands and feet stiffened, implying that he was already dead. Since he couldn't adapt to this body, he had a hard movement of his own body. You can guess that this is a body that he was not familiar with. The place where he wakes up is likely to be the world after death. In addition to wearing a mask, he can't actually see anything, and can only rely on other senses to explore.

After that, the screen moved to an empty room, which can be understood as Jer's inner world. Jer noticed that there was a red willow in his inner world, and Jer had been pacing back and forth. It can be understood that he was anxious about when Jer found himself, that is, Jer might I never found my inner self. After Jer died, he finally found Jer (with the lyrics, I had to be close to me)
Jer is wearing an oversized red robe and cute shoes, representing Jer who is autistic and immature in the heart. He pretends to be grown up to wear big clothes, and the red eye shadow may actually want to express that he was jealous because he cried.

Jer hugged his knees and watched the TV. The TV broadcast was about him, and at the same time, there was a camera facing him on the TV. It can be understood that Jer debut was filmed by the camera and appeared on TV. At the same time, Jer in the TV also stared at Jer, and the two were always separated from each other. On the screen, Jer is actually unfamiliar and uneasy about TV Jer.
However, HongJer will bury everything and will not share it with others, so there are pictures of HongJer running wildly and throwing empty fists, and there is a picture of Jer covering his face on TV. In the early days, he would blame himself for small mistakes on stage).

The makeup scene after that also represented that Jer was getting used to being an idol, but Jer actually still felt intimidated. At this time, a mysterious hand appeared and shot Jer, indicating that Jer did not want to be autistic again, and "I miss Myself" flashed in the middle. "It means that Jer wants to find himself, get rid of his negative emotions, and then move on to the next scene.

Back to the main line, Jer was killed, which made Jer feel pain, and Jer struggled for a while to find himself. Jer finally took off the clothes that didn't fit, and even took off the animal's claws, and woke up.

Then go to another mad willow. The iconic shaking action is not difficult to think of Jer in the madman period, and the avant-garde and European and American style dresses (such as metal face decoration, gel armor) can also be extended to Jer's famous interview before: "I just want to do it. It's a standard, don't you?

Standing in the center of the light, er enjoys the music and the colorful lights. Jer didn't dare to show off his strength (never dared to play the piano), just when Jer wanted to play music, Jer also ignited the fairy. Awesome, looking at the lit universe with a maddened smile, representing HongJer, who originally lived in his own world, liberated himself, and Jeralso let go of his restraints and began to perform, psychedelic world, out of control playing, shaking his head, among the people The figurine tap understands that he is no longer at the mercy of others to live out himself.

Next is the future genius Jer, who lost the vision of one left eye, fiddling with different things, looking for different rays of light.

According to legend, the right eye of Horus in Egypt symbolizes the intact sun, which has the power to stay away from pain and overcome evil. Horus' left eye has the power to resurrect the dead. It may be that the future Jer overcomes the pain of Zuo's past (has a right eye), and he does not have a left eye for Zuo's resurrection.

Always listening to his own heart and his own breathing, Jer gradually regained himself, regained control of his body, took off his mask, and the face that had been obscured by the mask was finally able to see the light again. A lighthearted interlude follows, in which the flashing mad willow is engaged in the performance and the image of HongJer being attracted by the light, which means that Jer is beginning to live out himself. The part of the group photo of Crazy Willow can be understood as a milestone (because of its importance, the group photo is taken), so it may refer to the top ten.

Jer sang loudly, and at the same time, the future Jer crossed the world of red willow and mad willow, and found that what he had been pursuing was the MM7-style life, resolutely cut off the chains of the door of the soul, and Jer eventually met Jer in the future.


Jer : True Self-Love in <MM7>  

Following the "Story Trilogy" and "Rebirth Trilogy" a while ago, today Jer released a new song "MM7" MV. After saying sorry to the outside world, please forgive me, I love you and thank you, I came to exclude every noise, the attitude mentioned in the new song is the attitude of loving yourself and being your truest self: "I used to be a person who didn't care, but this year, if I really don't like it, I will speak up, and I will find out when I say it. It turns out that there is room for negotiation, which is exactly the expression of loving yourself.” 
Get inspired by Michael Jackson 
According to the concept of "zero limit", there are four sentences in Hawaiian traditional therapy that can handle all conflicts, organize everything related to oneself, and keep the heart in a state of peace and health. The four sentences are: "I'm sorry", "Please forgive me", "I love you" and "Thank you", which are also in Jer's earlier songs "Sand Tool" and "When the Human Stars Shine" respectively. outgoing sentence. Mentioning the previous work "When the Human Stars Glitter" reflects the appearance of a beautiful world in his mind: everyone is willing to express gratitude and love, so everyone has a small light bulb hanging on their chest, and standing together will become a sea of light. He smiled and said that he hoped that the song would make the world a better place: "I used to listen to Michael Jackson's songs, and the MV of "When the Stars Glitter" was a reference to the MV of "Heal The World" to express the idea of not wanting to have any more wars. At that time, I felt that he had achieved such great love and had a great sense of mission.” So what he sang in his mouth was not only love, but also resistance to criticism and criticism. 
It's a rest and a gift 
"Story Trilogy" and "Rebirth Trilogy" are both series works. Jer explained that both himself and Carl Wong, who is in charge of arranging and producing in the two series, are all lovers of storage and are obsessed with that kind of work. A neat sense of completeness. In addition, I have witnessed the song series created by Mak Junlong in the past, and I not only deeply admire it, but also hope that one day, I can organize my own series into an album. The new song is called "MM7", not only because of the common language between Jer and fans, representing "positive" (MM7 is a quick code for "positive"), but also because the new song is the seventh song he collaborated with SiuHak and Carl Wong. Song. The lyrics in the work "Quick Gift for Seven Days in a Row" means that after two years, he wants to give this very positive piece of music to fans. "This is a relaxing song. There are seven days to let the soul take a vacation. What love, hate, life and death, righteousness and evil, don't say all that. Just chill and be happy now." After this interlude, another new series will be ushered in. , he revealed that it is a relaxed and slow song, and it is also Jer that everyone has never seen. 
Leave it blank for you to choose 
In the MV released tonight, there are three JERs: one is a music maniac and has its own corner, and the other is full of futuristic sense and loves to break the box. These three aspects are actually present in his body, so no matter whether it is good or bad, all must be accepted. There are many ways to love yourself, including enjoying Me time. For example, he likes to sing with the shower head in the shower, and he can't stop singing because he is looked at. The concept of self-love has been talked about for a long time, but is it easy? "It's not easy to say 'please forgive me'. The work is a reminder. It turned out that the choice of saying sorry was left to the audience, and in the end, it was left to the audience to make their own choices." 
Looking at the past few years, JER felt that his self-love index was a little more this year. When I recall when I was a Busker, when I was on a band, I was basically a person who always said "it doesn't matter", and I could try anything. But now that he has an official status as a singer, it is inevitable that he will encounter work details that he does not like. He will try it at first, but if he really doesn't like it, he will speak up, instead of being dumb as before. "I don't really want to offend people. Except for music, I don't have anything super persistent. So I always want to do what others want me to do first. When people grow up, they realize that they have to listen to their own voices." Such insight Afterwards, there may be surprises. Like in a certain shoot, he was asked to do something he didn't want to do, tried to do it and it didn't work. After you decide to express your feelings, it turns out that the other person will think of another way to make things better. 
No matter work or everything, there are always good or bad times. In recent years, his aim is to enjoy every moment. As a singer, he often asks himself whether he enjoys it. Including Ng Lam Fung, who has collaborated many times, and The Hertz, who participated in the composition and arrangement this time, also became Jer's self-reminder: "They have dreams in their hearts like me at the beginning, but they have nothing and no one knows them. I I want to put everyone's attention on MIRROR, and on them. It's not easy for us to get here, but we also need to focus on other talented people, in order to promote the music world, not only the MIRROR team can make the music world more good."

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