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People affect people, life affect life, and Jer's songs affect life.
Jer is a star in the dark, a lighthouse in the sea, guiding us and giving us the strength to walkthrough
the dark.

Life is short and nothing can be left behind. Only good songs, singing and composing with heart, will last forever in the world and inside the audiences' hearts and even healing many people, leading the lost through the darkness like a beacon and guiding the way home.

Each song is the work of the entire team, including composers, lyrics writers, music arrangement, video director, musicians, singers, mixers, and chords.

Jer is simple and pure. "Hope more people will listen to Cantonese songs."

There is no magnificent text on this webpage. It only briefly and roughly records Jer's philosophy and his message given to Hong Kong people and his fans from his songs.  Have a look how he innovated, progressed and reached to another level.  I hope that Jer's fans around the world will accompany him and grow and progress as a whole together. 

Hope that more people will be healed and walk through the dark by his songs and his singing.

Jer's solo
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Jer 柳應廷 《JM單身9》 JM Single 9  Official Music Video
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Jer 柳應廷 《從零開始的新世界》 Official Music Video
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Jer 柳應廷 《坐看雲起時》 Official Music Video
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Jer 柳應廷 《自毀的程序》 Official Music Video
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