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Castle of Sand

The second episode of "Reborn Trilogy"

After the madman's family caused a common industry, they ruined everything, so they decided to no longer be a husband and wife in the next life with his wife, and became a mother and son instead! With a closer distance, continue to learn from each other unfinished topics. The spirit wind rises again, vowing to blow the sand-collapse tool; can love and forgiveness really transcend cause and effect and reverse destiny?

Jer once mentioned: "The second and third songs will be transferred to different bodies. The lyrics and music are thematically coherent, but it feels different from the "Madman's Diary". It is a slow flirting love song. The style is still dark."

As a result, the second episode of the Reborn Trilogy finally appeared. After the last time "Madman’s Diary", the title of this song continues to use famous literary works. "Castle of Sand" by the Japanese writer Matsumoto Seiharu is selected. The meaning is again likened to the previous hatred with the mother, "or many like the sands of the Ganges River, but let us pick up our hands, like an hourglass, and sift everything away. Only love and forgiveness will never sift away. Living in the vast universe, eternal existence for eternity."

In the Reborn Trilogy, the second life put mother and child together, "fate and forgiveness" as the subject, and continues to use Jer's irresistible voice and music to give you and me different powers.

"Whoever hides behind the gate of fate, and bear it if cannot escape fate"

Excerpted from: Music Circle Point Comments  by Effie     Original URL: link

Worries, nine out of ten are asking for themselves.
Even though others embarrassed yourself, it is you who keep you from going.
Sometimes, the most terrifying thing is not the entanglement of fate, but the closed heart.
Let others not come in, nor go out by yourself.

Annoyance always arises from ignorance; in life, there may be really hatred for no reason.
But I believe that the power of a "sorry" sentence is enough to smash the causal karmic formula, transcending space, generations, species, and roles.
In the end, the twelve marriages may be realized, and the fate is reversed in advance.

The new song "Castle of Sand" uses family affection as the title of SiuHak and Carl Wong to connect two songs with heart

Excerpted from: HK01  Written by: Chen Zhiying     Original URL: link

In connecting the two songs, Jer, SiuHak and Carl Wong spent a lot of effort: "The music I heard in the MV is the pure piano version of "Madman's Diary" Intro, and it is the last part of "Madman's Diary". The word "crazy". The end of the previous song is the head of the next song. All the changes have become so coherent, "The wind is rising." Except for the series and the song title, the novel name will be used for the connection. , In addition to being remembered, the moment I listen to this music, I will be taken seriously."

Fa once said that the song "It's too complex!"; Jer struggled for three days

Jer’s songs require fans to take time to understand, and they may not be able to digest the meaning behind the lyrics at the moment. Even Fa said, "It’s too complex! Not everyone searches the lyrics." Thus Jer struggled for three days. But he was inspired by God and insisted on making the music that he wanted to make: "Before this song was released, Fa said, "It’s so difficult. Don’t make it too complex!  Not everyone want to understand the lyrics by looking up the dictionary all the time. Do you think all of them are too idle?" Jer said : "At the beginning, I questioned how difficult it is! I was struggling for three days. At the end it seems to be inspired by the heavens." When I listened  carefully the demo of "Castle of Sand", the radio broadcasts "Madman's Diary" at the same moment. I thought that the destiny want to inspire me and tell me "Come on, this way is correct, you go on""   Then I insist on doing this topic by myself. For the time being, everyone think that it’s difficult but happy to spend their time searching and getting the meaning behind the song."

This may be fate!!!

Excerpted from: Vocus CC Written by: Chen Zhiying     Original URL: link

The arrogance and grievances of the previous life are all closed together with the "Madman's Diary"...?

Those five seconds replaced the guttural sound of the prelude, and all the sins made in the previous life passed quickly, counting down the time when the memory was automatically destroyed, and also counting down the time when we croaked to the ground.

With the birth of a new life, everyone smiled and twirled around me. Why do I still feel unhappy? Why is the wind blowing in my heart? The first Verse piano is a difficult step. After exhausting his energy, he can't lift the corners of his mouth. It only knows how to cry all day long...unless...

What a familiar hand, what a peace of mind in your arms, just like before, you have felt this heartbeat, this body temperature... because you have always lived in your body? Is it because the body has been bleeding your blood?

It's also a false chorus, but Jer Lau Yingting's voice is no longer the arrogance of a hundred years ago; what do you feel in "Sand Tool" is a pull? Is it a grief? Did the Mengpo soup that I drank boiled water? This time I will be in the umbilical cord to absorb your nutrients; I must cry and cry at 3:30 in the morning on time every day, crying to drink night milk.

The warm interlude of "Twinkle and Twinkle Little Stars" perfectly concealed this revenge plan. Looking at your cute face, no matter how you cry, no matter how messy you are, she still shows a kind and sweet smile. . In the second Verse, Jer's main voice is the baby's croaking and the rising waves; the chord of Teacher Beer is the mumbling of my mother, sweeping my back attentively, coaxing me to fall asleep obediently.


She still hugs you and kisses you. What is the difference between her and her life? The difference may be that she will never leave you, although there will always be a small quarrel with her less than three days after she grows up. "Can you forgive me?" No matter in which life I am, what I want to pursue is also the "Yes" she vomited.


Looking at the scar in your abdomen... It turns out that the arrogance of my last life made us separate, and you are the one covered with scars; the chorus seems to be an uninterrupted falsetto, it turns out to be the first cry of regret. For regretting what happened a hundred years ago, today, one hundred years later, watching your hands slowly become jagged and your tender skin slowly weathered is my biggest punishment.


Is fate let our souls meet again? Is our free will, choosing souls to meet again? I don't know, I can't figure it out, I only know how cruel Xiaoke you are, telling you this terrible fate.

The vastness of string music adds a poignant and suspenseful atmosphere to the "small stars twinkling twinkling" in the ears. It's Uncle Carl's magic, the air has become heavy at this moment.


The original guttural sound of the first five seconds is a continuation of "Madman's Diary"; the first three words of the original song are connected to the last "crazy" character of "Madman's Diary". In the last life, we owed her a "sorry" sentence; today, we meet again to make atonement for this "sorry" sentence.
Maybe this is our fate! Like sand, even if it is piled up, it cannot stop the tide from dispersing...

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