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MM7-style life is described as groove

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Some intervals and lines of the melody, or some ascending bass and rhythm in the music are very The Hertz (the previous paragraph can't help but make up for Herman's interpretation of the sound), which is not a bad thing, there will always be a certain number of works. Gradually revealing the preference in creation is also where its signature lies. Personally, I think The Hertz's writing of minor majors mixed with each other's musical colors is very brilliant, and can always write a mixture of light and dark; most of the works are about life or society, and these colors are projected into it, and the music is used to speak and set the tone for the work.

Then, the sense of progression that Carl Wong is good at was gradually added to the music, that is, filling the space and density of the music, and adding a personal style of sound selection. The Hertz's own sense of rhythm/riff cushions the skeleton of the music. The arrangement styles of the two do not compete with each other, and there is no collage and bonding that cannot be connected, but the feeling of merging and enriching.

The transformation of several grooves in the music is also a bit like the mini showcase of The Hertz's work, which puts its best plays into the works. After the fixed song structure has been built up to a certain extent, Bridge first slowed down and entered the Jazz vibe paragraph; Half time's sense of space and as the lyrics say // one breath and one breath // can be savored. Then suddenly move to a brisk and accurate interlude, the space is filled up suddenly, and it is fleeting - the interlude time ratio is short, but the free and unrestrained instruments are very catchy, short but unforgettable! Finally//Life is buried in my palm//Leading back to chorus with singing, pushing to climax with great explosive force.

The change of Groove, the change of energy and atmosphere between ups and downs, also alludes to the "MM7-style (positive) life" that the work refers to: life seems to have benchmarks and hidden schedules/agenda, but the choice of life is actually controlled by oneself In hand, it is the interpretation of MM7 (Excellent).

Jer's previous works, "“Tale of Light” series", have a certain reverb and a sense of space. The "Reborn Trilogy" is challenging in range and dynamics, as well as the ability to harness surging arrangements. The freshness of "MM7" comes from being more groovy than before. You can enjoy the different articulations of the sound, and you can also enjoy the collision of the relatively simple band sound and the sound. The unique interval line of The Hertz melody is under the interpretation of Jer. , there are also different sparks - the more tense mid-high range and the "less attack more sustain" follow-up sound quality are poured into it.

Appreciate Carl Wong's cooperation with the new generation of music units, there are more new inputs in his works, witnessing his evolution, while retaining his own special. The cooperation path of Carl Wong x Jer along the way has shaped the uniqueness of the singer, and continued to explore without losing a sense of unity.


"Channel Song Review" MM7 (Jer Lau) 

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"Idol" is not only an image, but also represents the spirit of "creating trends". After listening to MIRROR member Jer Lau's first title song "MM7" this year, it is not difficult to understand this truth! Coming to the seventh solo single, Jer decided to make a transformation after the last two Diablo series, jumped up from the abyss of hysteria, and chilled and relaxed with everyone.

Just looking at the stunning shape of the avant-garde, thick eyeliner and pearl gel armor in the promotional photo, it really came out WOW; plus the song title is a quick code from the word "Cheng (Excellent)", sipping it to the point that no one has it! Although "MM7" plays the title of Chill song, it still feels very strong, the attitude is still very "crazy", and the interpretation is still vivid, but it lacks the gloomy atmosphere and twists and turns of the storyline, and has more leaping rhythm and colorful feeling. As soon as you enter the song, you immediately enter the country of electronic psychedelics. The new type of rhythm is mixed with a little retro Disco style, and the magnetic sound line is mixed with demon and sultry, giving the song a super three-dimensional layout. The picture came to mind. Unexpectedly, Jer's first collaboration with the independent band The Hertz gave birth to this blockbuster and wonderful hybrid!

The lyricist,SiuHak, made great efforts again, creating a strong contrast between the style of the song and the lyrics. Although the lyrics reveal the attitude of looking at life with a smile and a careless attitude, there is a sincere meaning behind it - you must love yourself as a human being! The most "right" life is in your own hands. No matter how chaotic the world is and how cruel the reality is, you must still live in a free spiritual universe, laugh and shout really, and find excitement!

Producer "Uncle Carl" Wong chooses a suitable suit for Jer every time, and maximizes his plasticity. This time, it is more pressing the edge of the trend, go to the end! It is rare that Jer lived up to his expectations to come out with a beautiful golden cicada, jumping out of the inherent framework, transforming the hysterical nuclear explosive singing skills of the past into an unrestrained musical attitude, allowing his performance potential to explode and sublime again with the new rhythm. The sound field and the boundless music fly freely in the sky.


Be yourself and feel the most righteous - Jer Lau

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Anyway, life is still like this, why don't we enjoy ourselves and let the gray sky and the four pale walls paint color? Especially after the six chapters of "Tale of Light series" and "Reborn Trilogy", Jer left heavy backpacks one by one in "MM7".
Listening to Jer's frivolous falsetto in the chorus, can't you taste it?
Bass, guitar, and drums are already moving our hands and feet in the first second. The melody and arrangement of The Hertz smashed all the music of Jer in our perception and mind, no longer bitter, no longer hysterical. For Jer, "MM7" is not only a connection with his fans, but also a seven-day vacation approved by SiuHak to Jer.
What? Jer is going to have a vacation, isn't he applying for LoFai and Sister Fa?
Because this time, it's a fake on the subject of music, you don't need to face and cry to perform, you just need to be yourself, hold yourself, enter the country of carnival, feed your heart, and follow Ray's Bass, dancing unconsciously, slowly forgetting the weight of his body, floating, floating, floating, floating into the air...
After the second Chorus, the brisk rhythm suddenly slows down, as if the bubble of joy has been burst... Is it to remind us that the world is not back to normal? Have all the bubbles popped?
"I know! So, so what?"
Mentality decides everything, my eyes can only hold me. Raised a scale, not Uncle Carl trying to force Jer to cover up the ruins in front of him, but "me", he didn't pay attention to things other than "me" at all; everything other than "me" is illusory and empty, why not good Do what you love, have a blast, and enjoy yourself? Isn't this more MM7?
So, in our eyes, there is only this "Culturebeathale" that we have not yet cracked... What is "MM7"? Answer: MM7 is

【Fine Taste‧ Cantonese Songs】 MM7 – Thoughts on Seven, Plan before Soul is Born

Original: Taste Hong Kong  ( link )

From carefulness to freedom

Jer Lau, from the "Story Series" carefully and step-by-step, to the "Reborn Series", he tried his best to make a big splash, and finally to this "Interlude", he finally knew how to accept it, understood the demon, became able to accept and let go, and smiled at all beings. . Perhaps at first, the composers and supervisors didn't even think that they met a "crazy" person who was brave enough to act like a madman in the stagnant Hong Kong music scene. Or to put it the other way around, because the music world is dead, and it has been dead for a long time, there is room for him to break out of the ground.

In the past, musicians made songs, one by one or one record after another. What we received is a very complete and complete finished product. But Jer is different. This is not to say that his songs are incomplete (in fact, can songs be incomplete?) but the two series are like two movie series, each of which has a paragraph for every three episodes. They can be separated and enjoyed independently for each episode. This is a great book, and it will be easier for everyone to understand the nine parts of "Star Wars" simply.

We don't know how many more series there are in the "Series" series, but it's exciting enough to witness the birth of each track.

Jer is very lucky to meet the group SiuHak & Carl (Star: MV director Sheng, Hak: SiuHak, Cow : uncle Carl Wong) when he meets the situation, he will turn into a dragon,  if you are brave enough, I will be brave enough to write. Sheng is brave enough to shoot, in short, from personal life and death to past and present life and then to the universe, all in one one in all, and finally karma is engraved in the palm of his hand. But when it comes to the end, I would like to thank Ahfa, Lo Fai, who is brave enough to let you play with your brains.

The cleverness of this group lies in that each time they find a different musical team to bring them new ideas, but they tightly grasp the lyrics and editorial supervision to ensure that there are changes without deviating from the course. The situation is like making a cake. This year's theme is mango cake. The musicians are different molds, sometimes square and sometimes round. The lyricist adds mangoes to different materials and makes them into different shapes, sometimes mangoes. Cheesecake, sometimes mango Napoleon, sometimes mango is too soft, put it into the mold to shape... and the arranger decorates the cake beautifully. So even if you burst out in the morning and said that "The Device of Sand" is a love song, it will be a song about the love, hatred and hatred of mother and son in the past and present, and there will not be a cotton candy-style love song for men and women that has disappeared without a trace. sigh.

music feast
Retro 80 is popular recently, and many songs pay homage to the 80s. Among them, the creator personally thinks it is "Puppy Love Again" in 193. From the song title to the rhythm and rhythm lyrics, there is no sense of disobedience in the 80s (except that there was no auto in the 80s). -tune).

So when "MM7" sounded, The Hertz created a funk and disco prelude, which soon became a retro atmosphere, and the body also twisted. In the middle, "I had to take a breath..." suddenly turned into a slow jazz-like smoke, and then, when the breath was over, rock it again! A song has a variety of styles and layers, but it does not appear abrupt when switching, just like drinking a very rich cocktail! Jer's singing is also very relaxed and chill. Compared with "The Diary of a Madman" and "Decisive Moments in History", his voice is obviously more confident and free, because he is doing some of his favorite and most confident matter. It's easy to fantasize about him swinging and wriggling on stage with a scarf on. (If you want Jer to believe it is a punishment, it is better to give him some props)

The Magic 7
Since last year, SiuHak has discovered some new meanings for Jer's song title. This time, I no longer pretend to be mysterious, and play "MM7" as soon as it comes up. Jer's fans know that "MM7" means "Excellent", but the lyrics are so simple?
At the time of writing the manuscript, SiuHak's thousand-character text only wrote 997 positive plus three words: love yourself. I have always thought that 7 is a very magical number. Terrance Lam's latest album is called "SEVEN", because there are seven songs with seven-character song titles; Absolute Poem... Humans always have a preference for the combination of seven characters.

To be a little more mysterious, every seven days is a cycle after a person's death, and the first seven to the last seven are seven, seven and forty-nine days. In terms of religion, in Christianity, God created the universe in six days, rested on the seventh day, and then seven days became a week; in Buddhism, saving one life is better than building a seven-level Buddha... OK, enough, return to the lyrics.

During the seven-day vacation, without talking about the effect or the cause, could it be that you are really in the bardo, a paradise without cause and effect?

At the moment when souls meet, who is the closest person? Who hurts yourself the most? The answer is the same, you are standing in front of the mirror.

Life, buried in the palm of my hand, is not only a lifeline, but also my own destiny...

If you have seen "Soul", you will remember that the movie describes what people will choose to do in the next life before they are born. Some people say that the soul will even choose which one to be its mother. Perhaps that lifeline is that before we are born, in the seven days, we forget the past, re-plan, create a new blueprint, make a gift, and give it to the future life.
If you had a choice, how would you like to be yourself?

When we know that all the suffering may have been arranged for ourselves in the past, apart from embracing and intuition about the suffering in front of us, so that we can learn that everything is just experience and delusion, the only thing we can do (the reason why there must be wars and earthquakes), maybe It is to reconcile with oneself, to learn how to dissipate hatred with love, and to gain happiness from suffering.

"MM7" is an interlude, so it is a "scenario" before the birth of the next series after one series. I have never seen such a wonderful scene. What about the new series? Whether they will continue to use Jer's fans' vocabulary as song titles, such as "I love handsome Jer" or "Sing Hak Niu Lau", we will wait and see.


Original: Sing Tao Entertainment  ( link )

MIRROR member (Jer) has always been regarded as the lead singer in the group. Last year, he got the major awards from his signature song "Diary of a Madman". This year, he took the lead in launching "MM7" as the first Taiwanese song, and a group of "Lau Lau fans" expressed that they are quite expect! The original song title "MM7" is the common language of Jer and his fans. 


Referring to the allusions of "MM7", Jer recalled: "Once the fans typed the wrong chinese input code in the group, I often typed the wrong word, and typed the word "Excellent" as MM7, which happened to be me and Uncle Carl , SiuHak's seventh song, and suddenly changed the song's title to "MM7" as a small gift to fans." Following the trilogy of the "Tale of Light series" and "Reborn series" in previous years, Jer Said that "MM7" is an interim song between series and series. After completing "MM7", a new series will be released, and this series is a Jer who sings lyrical songs, a brand new him.


Jer revealed that there are four styles in this MV: "My three inner worlds show in MV: one is a music madman; the other silver is a future prodigy who likes to break the frame; the third is a little autistic Jer who is a little flustered again.” Jer continued: “This song wants to bring out that no matter what you are in your heart, you have to choose to accept it and coexist with it. This is an expression of loving yourself.”


Jer's style is bolder and bolder, constantly breaking through himself, he said: "Many of these are my first attempts, and now I will not give myself a specific bottom line whether the company treats me or I treat myself. The best part about music or being an artist is trying something new every time.”


There is a sentence in the lyrics of "MM7", "In these seven days of vacation", if there is a seven-day vacation now, what Jer would like to do most is to travel: "I will definitely travel abroad, because I have never tried to travel in the past, I can help myself Let go of fear, lower work and phone calls." "MM7" is easier to sing than previous songs, Jer admitted that he has deliberately reduced the difficulty: "Because the songs have always been difficult to sing, it would be very difficult to open a personal show. All of them are hysterical songs, and I want to change my image. Starting with this song, I can try more different music styles for everyone to listen to.”

"MM7": We walked around from "Diary of a Madman", and in the end it was a mountain

Original Article: IG@ mirror_etc ( link )


I thought the " reborn trilogy" was over, but from the hubris of "Diary of a Madman", to the reconciliation of "Castle of Sand", to the great love of "Decisive Moments in History", to the self-love of "MM7" in 2022, is it not a return to the origin? But the circle is not a standstill and not a futile effort, only because in the process of harvesting more scenery.


It's not often that you see such Acid Jazz in Cantonese songs, but even in recent years there are few such songs in the UK and US pop scene that are very suitable for club dancing but are not squeaky clean, combining jazz, electronic, soul, funk and electronic elements (for those who like "MM7", try listening to the British band Jamiroquai). Thanks to the Hertz for bringing a new style to Jer's music, and I heard a different look from the Hertz in this song. (The Hertz live show was great! You must go to hear it in person if you have the chance!)


Jer said he wanted to sing lighter songs this year, and the style of "MM7" is lighter than the "Reborn Trilogy", but "MM7" requires a wide range of vocalists and rhythms, and the span is so wide that it shows a Jer we have never seen before.


The melody of the two main songs is exactly the same, but the second one is an octave higher than the first one, just because the mood has completely changed after the chorus. The first verse begins with the words "It's hard to talk about life / Life and death, good and evil, love and hate / On this seven-day vacation / Not to talk about the consequences but not the causes", and the tone is similar to that of a relaxed everyday life.


If it is a maniac, facing the pressure of the world, his way to find happiness is "psychedelic music in the middle of the night to find happiness", so that self-indulgence and recklessness but hurt others, "a few families lead to a common cause", so "the wound of a thousand years. The protagonist of "MM7" knows how to live with himself, alone but not lonely, only I and I are close but will be happy to be born. Because even though "Castle of Sand" allows the madman to reconcile with his mother, and even though everyone has close family and friends, the only person who can accompany himself to the end is himself. Even if "others are hell", as Sartre said, warming up with others will only hurt each other like two thorns in close proximity, but many tragic or unsatisfying relationships are caused by two people who have not learned to "quietly and easily repair themselves", thinking that by saving themselves with true love, they can make up for the deepest defects. Therefore, please "cling to your true body with self-love" first, and be true in both laughing and shouting.


The second verse of the main song opens up after going over this mountain, and the vocal, which rises an octave, becomes sharp and direct as a matter of course. The vocal of Bridge led by Jer showed another dramatic change in texture. The sound of "just one breath in and one breath out" makes the singer feel as if his soul is out of his mind, entering another dimension for a short time through inhalation and exhalation, creating a tomorrow in his mind.


In the middle, a jazz piano solo gives the acid jazz arrangement a short break, and the big band and swing take over the stage (aside: Eric Kwok's Jerald's classic group "Swing" was really as swing as its name suggests). The last chorus is a change of tune, with pressure in the upper register showing pull and tension as he "opens up the world to light and shade again, and surely there will continue to be wars and earthquakes". When the stars of humanity shine, the answer we got from "Decisive Moments in History" is the great love that covers human beings, when countless stars shine to break the dawn of the sky and look down on all living beings in the firmament. To share love, to live a life that seems to be the most stable in the worldly definition, but not as easy as others think.


To see the mountain is a mountain, to see the mountain is not a mountain, and finally to see the mountain is still a mountain, is the most clear state of mind.


What amazes me most about "MM7" is how Jer keeps adjusting his voice to the melody, arrangement and lyrics in a short four-minute song, with a wide range of emotions, tones, groove and weight, which I personally think is no less than "Diary of a Madman" and "Castle of Sand", which are considered very difficult to sing. This time, Jer's challenge is a music that he has seldom been involved in before, which emphasizes on groovy music, but I can't imagine that he can interpret it so easily, with a kind of ecstasy at the right place of pressure.


Many people mention Eason Chan when they talk about Jer, and I'm one of them, but that's not to say that Jer is anyone's shadow at all. The reason why Eason Chan is the top singer in Chinese pop music is because he has the ability to master all genres, whether it's love songs rock jazz swing electronic psychedelic folk he is comfortable with, it's about the singer's natural tone, vocal skills, comprehension of music and his own aesthetics. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. So this statement is not to say that Jer  is going to follow in the footsteps of anyone, but that they all have a very rare ability.


Jer is only in his third year of having solo songs, and this time "MM7" has revealed a side of him that has never been seen before. We look forward to seeing more of Jer's interesting vocal qualities on the road ahead, while not forgetting to convey the emotions and stories he holds indepth from his heart.

"Mindfulness" MM7

Original: IG@m.mi.miko ( link )

"Positive Thinking" MM7


原文: IG@m.mi.miko (link)


Jer said trying out a new style of music, and I don't want to be scared of anything so profound, and then I listened to this new song, and it's for a highway ride. Lyrics ......What! Another Buddhist meditation! The previous six songs are about the suffering and troubles of the world, the cycle of birth and death, greed, anger, hatred and obedience, and the path of suffering, concentration and elimination. This time, we are going back to the basics, talking about the "Eightfold Path", meditation, and returning to the basics of meditation.

MM7" should not only mean "righteousness", but also "righteousness of mind", which means "Mindfulness Meditation" in English, and it should be a 7-day internal meditation camp. During the seven-day meditation camp, you are not allowed to speak to the instructor except during certain times to ask questions about the practice. Even when you see people, you have to avoid looking at them and completely cut off communication with everyone. Apart from eating and sleeping, one stays in one's room and meditates, not thinking about the past or the future, but only about the present moment.

 "Life is hard / Life and death, good and evil, love and hate / On this seven-day holiday / No fruit, no cause / Wear a scarf / Just me and I, close to each other / How gloomy the atmosphere is / Call it a joy at birth".

 Meditation, meditation, etc. are all about giving yourself the time and space to listen to your heart, because you are alone when you are born and alone when you leave. Laugh when you feel like it, shout when you feel like it, be aware of your emotions and express them appropriately, so that you can sort out your heart and see it for what it really is. Once you know who you are, then you can know what changes you need to make to fix yourself and get rid of the hardships and troubles of the world."There are hundreds of relatives in life / But which one is the closest / Recognise and love yourself again and hold on to your true self Woo / Be rich and sleepy in a one-legged play / Laugh really and shout really / Find your own excitement / Be quiet and relax and fix yourself.

In the course of meditation, we always encounter bottlenecks, and we can't help thinking about things at work or at home. If there is no such thing, then why should it cause dust?

 "A face full of dust / Sweep it away and ask / How can the world hurt the soul / Ask someone in the mirror"

 After breaking through the bottleneck and continuing to meditate, over time, this meditation practice of positive thoughts can be integrated into one's life, so that one no longer has to sit and meditate, but no matter how well one is doing or how well one is eating, one's positive thoughts are still present in one's body and become "constant warmth". It is like a highly practised Zen master who is always full of positive thoughts when he walks or speaks, and one feels that he is living fully in the present moment, aware of what he is doing with every action and what he is trying to say with every word."There are hundreds of relatives in life / But which one is the closest / Acknowledge and love yourself / Hold on to your true self Woo / Be rich and sleepy in a one-legged play / Laugh really, shout really / Find your own excitement / Be quiet, breathe easy, be warm."

The most important part of meditation is to be aware of your own breathing, not only to be quiet and calm, but also to be aware of the whole process of inhaling, entering the trachea, moving to the lungs and then exhaling. If you are attentive enough, you will be able to shut out all external noise and hear your own breathing. Seven days of internal discipline will help you to improve your practice so that you can be aware of your own breathing all the time, whether you are travelling, in a car or in any other situation, and can keep your mind calm at all times. By being calm and aware of one's inner feelings and thoughts, one will naturally know how to improve oneself and plan one's future path.

(I hear only one breath) / (I hear only one breath) / A gift for seven days in a row / In the mind, create the future"

 To attain inner peace is as simple as that, to be mindful, to be still, to bring your mind into your body, to know your own thinking, to master yourself, and then to feel the good things in life. No matter what natural or man-made disasters may occur outside, you can keep your mind steady and calm. When you can take care of your own heart, you will be able to help others to take care of theirs, to share your thoughts and love with others, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a peaceful "positive" life together 🙏🏻 "Life is buried in my hand / Open again Light and shade in the world / Surely there will be wars and earthquakes / Abundant Go for a walk alone / Get married again Divide my love / Settle down that MM7 life."


I feel that "MM7" is like a conclusion to the previous "Tale of Light series" and "Reborn Trilogy". The previous six songs are about the hardships in this world, and MM7 is about what we can do to avoid the hardships mentioned in the previous six songs, to find a stable mind and life, and even to transcend the three worlds and six paths, instead of reincarnating to the 131,105th life, as in "When the Stars Shine Bright", to find the true meaning of life.

MM7 "Love Yourself"

Original: IG@ tinni555 ( link )


This song gives me the feeling that I have a genuine dialogue with myself in a quiet space.

In the first 6 chapters, he was in pain because of loneliness, and then he understood the importance of love. And in Chapter 7, after knowing self-love, it's time to learn how to love yourself.


The completeness of everything is also related to "7", for example, there are seven days in a week, the rainbow has seven colors, the earth has seven continents, 777 represents the jackpot, Lucky 7 in the casino... In most religions and customs, "7" It also means completeness.


In Christianity, God created the world in 7 days. On the first day, if God wanted light, there would be light. On the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth days, God created the heaven, earth, and all things. On the seventh day, God created a rich and perfect world, and He completed the work of creation. God stopped working and rested, this day is a harmonious rest day, and God made this day a holy day;


In traditional customs, people will return home on the "first seven" after death. Before that, they will wander around. These seven days are like holidays. Talking about the effect and not the cause should be regarded as consolation for what you have endured in your lifetime. After that, the deceased is reincarnated, and a new chapter begins.


After thousands of generations, even if God created a complete world, even if he was reincarnated, the problems of life would still exist and continue.


Even God, after God created the whole world, needs rest days. In the Story series, he died and was reincarnated, then entered the world of madmen, experienced various fates, and learned to forgive.

In the madman world, he is lonely, vents himself through music, and takes drugs into a psychedelic state. At that time, he found happiness in the psychedelic music in the middle of the clean night. But when the stars were shining, he knew that wasn't true happiness.


Then, after the sky melted away, at the end of the reincarnation, he understood that he should love himself the most. He found that the soul and consciousness of each life are making the complete self at this moment, and now he decides to cherish himself, take a quick vacation, find excitement, and be reborn again.


Instead, he found that the way to love himself was to leave himself alone, to be quiet, to stop and relax, and to give himself a good rest.


The lighthearted interlude represents a little vacation, and he's in vacation mode, but lyrically it doesn't feel at all lighthearted. During this holiday, he began to think about the people he met in the past, the disputes in the world, and why the world made God sad, and he knew that as long as he looked back on his past life, he could find the answer - because everyone does not love themselves enough .


He was thinking in this quiet and lonely space, so quiet that he could hear his own breathing and breathing, and then he could really listen to his inner voice. Then he understood that facing it with a relaxed attitude, giving himself time to think and calm down, was the way to start over.


In this cruel and complex world, life can be as destructive as fireworks or as bloody as firearms. It is impossible for a person to be perfect, let alone live a smooth life, but it is precisely because of these imperfections that this complete person is created, and life is to constantly explore himself, what he should do is to give himself a small vacation, give himself Time to find true happiness, this is the expression of loving yourself. Therefore, he wanted to finish the one-legged drama of his life with his body, laugh sincerely and cry sincerely. He is in harmony with himself, he is his own god, and his complete world is created by himself.


I feel very resonant when I go here, because I think the same is true for people in general (including me), often in a lonely and quiet space and time (Me time), always thinking about life, thinking about the past, thinking about the present, and thinking about the future. , and think about yourself, record yourself, know yourself, talk to yourself, and then come to an answer.


During these 7 days, he adjusted and repaired himself. He understood that there will still be natural and man-made disasters in the world, and life is still difficult, but don't forget the time that is really reserved for yourself, stop to relax and rest, learn to know yourself well, learn Learn to love yourself. To be complete, please love yourself first, and after you prepare yourself, go to love someone, fall in love, get married and start a family, and share your love.


After the 7-day vacation, he no longer needs to look for an exit, because the door to the world is in his hand, and the key is himself. He is ready to open his hands, open this door, and then open the light and shadow of the world to create a new chapter. With light, it is like the sun and the moon, and the first month also has the beginning of the year, and it also means harmony.


After resting, he re-aligns everything and is reborn.

In "The Firefly of Galaxy", he was lost in finding the light.

In "A Madman's Diary", he indulged in the psychedelic light.

After these seven days of vacation, he will have light, and the world will have light.

He prepares himself, no matter how strange he or the world is, please learn to love yourself, recognize yourself, embrace yourself, breathe well, and then start to face the "official" life that is good and stable.

I am the precious answer, let yourself have a good holiday, talk to yourself in loneliness, get close to yourself, breathe easily, and find happiness in MM7 life.

Come on.

MM7 is really good MM7!

MM7 "Mindfulness" "Contemplation"

Original text: Educational Psychologist Stanley Chan@stanleychan.ep  ( link )


In the past week, Thich Nhat Hanh, who promoted "mindfulness" (or "contemplation"), passed away, which coincided with the release of Jer's new song MM7 written by SiuHak. MM7 is a quick code for the word "Cheng (Excellent)". After a reminder from netizen m.mi.miko (IG), SiuHak may want to use this song to say "mindfulness". It also reminds me of what I have learned from Thich Nhat Hanh's mindfulness retreat and his teachings.

"It is hard to talk about life, life and death, righteousness and evil, love and hate. During this seven-day vacation, we do not talk about the effect or the cause."

Life is hard. Birth, old age, sickness and death, life and death are all unavoidable. Taking a few days at a time, letting go of mundane matters and meditating in silence may help us to dwell in the present moment from the time-traveling of the past and the future.

"Wear a scarf, I have to be close to me. The autistic atmosphere is so gloomy, it is called a kind of joy is born"

When practicing at 5:00 in the morning, put a scarf on your body or feet to keep warm, then follow the teacher's instructions to sit, walk, eat, and rest safely, training the mind in different meditation practices. This process is like dating myself, getting to know this me, this heart, and more. When you start to face the thoughts and emotions that you usually don’t notice when you get along with yourself, you have to face them all. It's not hard to imagine how uncomfortable such a situation can be at first. But the joy that comes from tranquility will also be slowly nourished from it.

"In life, there are hundreds of close relatives, but who is the closest one. Recognize each other, and then love yourself and hold your true body tightly."

Who is the one who walked with us to the death? Isn't that the "me"? But, have we got to know this me well? In the process of cultivating the heart, we should have a good understanding of the operation of this heart, and take good care of our true self.

"Deluxe, totally dedicate in the one-man show. Laugh really, shout really, find your own excitement. Be quiet, relax and repair yourself."

To live prosperously, you must be fully committed to life. But there are times to advance, and there are times to retreat. There are times when you let yourself be in tranquility, experience that leisurely ease, face your true self and your true emotions, and train your heart at the same time, which is also one of the paths to a prosperous life.

"Put the dust on your face, stretch out your hand to sweep it away and ask again. How can the world hurt God, ask a certain gentleman in the mirror"

The Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng said, "Bodhi has no tree, and a mirror is not a stage. Originally, there is nothing, so where can it cause dust?" But it may be difficult for us ordinary people to understand. But perhaps as Master Shenxiu said: "The body is a bodhi tree, and the mind is like a bright mirror. Always wipe away the dust." It may also help us connect with our inner wisdom.

"Hear only one breath and one breath; only one breath and one breath from me. Seven days in a row, a quick gift; the mind creates tomorrow"

Concentrate on one breath and one breath, and every moment is just one breath. Spend a few days living in the present at every action or break, giving yourself a gift for the rest of your life.

"Life is buried in the palm of my hand, and if I open up the light and shadow of the world, there will definitely continue to be wars and earthquakes. Rich and alone, go to relax, then date, marry, and share love. Stable, that's MM7-style life."

Throughout the ages, natural and man-made disasters have been incessant. Life is suffering. But in this fickle life, the turning point also appears at any time, and the transformation of life is also in our hands. Willing to let ourselves live in this moment in tranquility from time to time, to know the heart, train the heart, release the heart from sadness and anxiety, and see the current situation clearly, maybe it will allow us to connect more closely with the wisdom of the heart, for life make a more appropriate decision.

It is not certain whether these interpretations are diabolical, or whether they are really in line with what the poet thinks. However, more and more research is showing that both religious mindfulness practice and de-religious mindfulness practice can help our physical and mental health. If the song MM7 makes you interested in mindfulness or mindfulness, maybe you can also get in touch and see what your experience is like?

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