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He experienced a life of arrogance, hurt many people, and finally hurt himself even more. A few members of the family led to a common industry, which made him worry about it, and he would never let it go. When the spirit wind came back, it was the time of rebirth. He had an appointment with his wife's soul to change their identity and role. In the next life, he would not be a couple, and he would be a mother and a child, connected by blood. "When I am pregnant in October, I will become a part of your body and meet you again in the most intimate way. I hope you will provide me with nourishment and love from the umbilical cord, so that I can feel love and try to learn love again. I was born Later, during the growth period, you will be driven by karma, and you will have deja vu arguments and hatreds, so that you can continue to learn about the unfinished issues between us." This is "destiny." Annoyance always arises from ignorance; in life, there may be really hatred for no reason. But I believe that the power of a "sorry" sentence is enough to smash the causal karmic formula, transcending space, generations, species, and roles. In the end, the twelve marriages may be realized, and the fate is reversed in advance. "At this moment, living in your womb, watching the sun change and the stars change through the crack of the gate of destiny, in fact, I am afraid in my heart that I will be separated from you again. We still have countless ways to go, but at this moment I Just ask for a lifelong stay with you in a short time. Mother, please forgive me. The past hatred between us, or many like the sand of the Ganges. Let us pick up our hands, like an hourglass, and sift everything To go, only love and forgiveness will never be sifted away. They are living in the vast universe, and everything is forever."

Castle of Sand

The second life of the Reborn Trilogy, the topic of this life: "Fate and Forgiveness"


Composing & Arrangement of "Castle of Sand"  By Carl Wong (IG@wongsheungchuncarl)   link


After completion of the "Diary of a Madman", in fact, there's already the demo of the third song of "Reborn Trilogy" and because of my own generous dedication. Due to many restrictions, only myself in the world is willing to play this game with me...

The second song I think is to have a "romantic" song to neutralize the madness of the first song, but also to bring the XXX of the third song, and the love between mother and child is early in the morning (end of February) everyone & I have reached a consensus on the topic; it took about two months to write, but I don’t know how many versions I wrote 🤯...Finally, I wrote it in the beginning of May, but it was just as Mirror was opening its show, so I didn’t notify Jer (because he would be distracted 😏). In the backstage of the last show, I only asked him "Do you have something to do tomorrow?", and then I sent the song to everyone on May 12th.

The first sentence "The wind is rising", as SiuHaksaid, is the "crazy~~" at the end of the previous song, but there is actually one detail that makes me use the three sounds-3 2 1 (me re do), because "crazy" is 6 1 2 (la do re), so adding burial is similar to a loop (La-do-rey-Me-re-do) is purely personal greed... 🤓 of course there will be one after another, The last three tones of the song "Love forever" are three tones back and forth, using 1 2 3 (do re me) to repeat, and in the middle again-"re-investment" 1 2 3 to "this million years" 3 2 1.

In terms of arrangement, the main purpose is to create the environment of BB in the amniotic fluid in the womb, so some friends asked a voice like "on the chain" in the second paragraph of the verse, what do you want to express? My design is like a nutrient that is transported from mother to BB through the umbilical cord and buried as a password for communication between mother and child.

Friends who have followed the "Tale of Light” series" should find that there are wind and wind ringtones from "The Realm of Wind" at the beginning, and then to the chorus, there are the synth pad of "Madman's Diary" and the synth lead of "The Firefly of Galaxy". There is a song of "water drop" when singing "the pivot of cause and effect", which is also the sound in the womb. Then use the piano to simply play a lullaby to create a more warm atmosphere, and then transfer from the major key to the 2nd verse of the minor key.

When entering the second chorus, drums and strings are added to advance the climax of preparing to enter the bridge. In fact, I used the format of the bridge in the section of "The Realm of Wind" to write, and I want to bring out the feeling of "reincarnation" again. It was the first time that I saw the lyrics of this passage and I was very moved, and I immediately visualized what to do in a music break!

A mother gently stroked her belly, softly humming a lullaby, comforting the BB in her belly... This is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen (thanks to my wife 😘); and BB can vaguely hear her mother's singing in the warm amniotic water The echoes and reverberations, stay with me and prepare for birth happily. "In the darkness, only love can break through the gap of light leakage"

The last chorus first broke down, after experiencing crazy pains (music break), BB was finally born, and the whole world froze in a moment...

When it comes to "Growing up and self-reliant...", I secretly shot the Twinkle Twinkle little star in, and I know that many people have heard it 😅 Good! 👍🏻

At the same time, just like "Crazy", I added the elements of Orchestra. Woodwinds played with strings at the same time to push the atmosphere higher (the lyrics of this paragraph really can't live up to it)! In the end, all the instruments stopped, and only the low and faint piano brought out the last two lyrics: "Laughter can be sifted away, forgiveness can be sifted away, and I'm sorry to make love last forever."

Outro I have kept the breath of string musicians. I feel that it is part of the music, and I don’t need over polish.

Another thing I want to share is that all the harmony that Jer's voice is part of the song, which is different from the usual "harmony" approach. Each voice represents a different reincarnation, so the vocal range is specially written to create a more feminine feeling.

Probably it is, hopefully there is no omission. 😎

PS There is one person who must thank you very much. What I said above depends on the final mix of @frankiehung_fkh to achieve a level! BTW all the songs of Jer are always mixed by him.  👏🏻

Musician introduction By Carl Wong (IG@wongsheungchuncarl)  link


Since this song is about the relationship between mother and children, I specially only invited female musicians to participate in the performance. First of all, I would like to introduce this new friend I met in "Battle" @karenhlw KAREN HUI aka XO

Young but fully grasped the stable rhythm, although the appearance is weak and slender, but it is full of strength, from the day of the finals I have hoped to cooperate!

This time, I used a set of antique Ludwig drums from the 60s from Grandpa. The sound is soft and thick (mother), coupled with the modern Ludwig Snare with a more vigorous tone (son). , Surprisingly blend into one! Everything seems to be destined for a long time.

There are not many professional female drummers in Hong Kong, and I hope to continue to cooperate in the future. 🤘🏻


Musicians introduction  By Carl Wong (IG@wongsheungchuncarl)  link


One of the life-and-death elements in this arrangement-"string music"

Four musicians from Hong Kong who I admire very much participated in the recording.
1st Violin-Miss Leslie Ryang @rezree131
2nd Violin-Miss Katrina Rafferty @ratfurry
Viola-Miss Zhang Shuying @antonioslights
Cello-Miss Anna Kwan @kwanna99


Frankly speaking, I don’t have orthodox music training, and it takes a lot of time to compose string music every time...I may not write well 🤣 (because I only add kindergarten-level music theory based on my feelings), so when I get to the formal recording, I feel very nervous. I'm afraid the musicians frown! Fortunately, the recording was extremely smooth. Basically, I just said "more expressive" to his brief, and I followed the four musicians to tell a story with his instruments! 😍 👈🏻 This was my reaction at the time! Thank you four for using their souls to interpret this song.

Introduction to the Players of "Sand Tools"  By Carl Wong (IG@wongsheungchuncarl)  link

I had a scene along the way that I wanted to appear in a song. It was a pregnant mother gently stroking her belly, humming a lullaby with the BB in her belly, and comforting him... So I wanted to have a gentle and full of "love" "It's a voice, but I don't have a clue all the way. Just two or three days before the mixing, I would have some conversations with the beer teacher @beilosi (Teacher Fung HaYin) by chance. Suddenly I felt like "Yes! Hey!!" So I invited boldly and importantly " urgent"! The teacher promised without saying anything and rushed over as soon as the night was over...The only way to have a chance to listen to a song was on the way. Sure enough, he had already "choked" as soon as he opened his mouth! But I’m greedy. I want to ask for more and more depth (a hundred abstract adjectives are deleted below). Don’t forget that he is also a senior actor, so he immediately put me in the studio. Teddy bear is embraced in your arms, like a baby in a swaddling baby, immediately into the play! It's exactly the picture in my mind! Surprised four people with amazing skills 🤱🏻

PS Thank you SiuHak @diuhak for reminding me that I didn’t mention that Teacher Beer appeared on the side part 😅, so I just hummed the female voice of the lullaby after "the gap of light leakage~"


Singer introduction  By Carl Wong (IG@wongsheungchuncarl)  link

The difficulty is not less than "Madman's Diary", challenge him again and again. 😈

A total of four voice parts were all done by himself, and it took four days to complete the vocal part. Have fun!  A romantic and heavy work.

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