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Excerpt from: Jer Lau Yingting's personal Facebook  Original URL: link

"The Tale of Light series are all about "death""
"The Shape of Water" is about to die;
"The Firefly of Galaxy" is about experiencing death;
"The Realm of Wind" is dead.

What is the world after death? The body is gone, and it is no longer necessary to look at things with the eyes, because there is nothing left, only a consciousness, or soul.
Consciousness is like waking up from a dream, and the memory of the dream fades away, and then moves away from the previous dream and prepares to enter the next dream.
But what is meant by "up" and "down"? The soul moves into a higher dimension and gradually forgets the concept of time; the space has also been emptied, and there is no front, back, up, down, left and right.
Only with certain emotions and memories that cannot be put down, I get involved in another dream again.
Then, the lost, reincarnated, and meet again.

The wind itself is invisible, tasteless, soundless and colorless. When the wind blows, the grass crumbles, the dust rises, the clouds grow dark, and the water fluctuates.
If the wind is only the messenger that leads your consciousness to recreating dreams, then when you listen carefully to the wind chimes, what you hear may symbolize the elegy left by the thousands of lives that have gone through countless cycles of life and death.
When you listen to the heartbeat, you realize that, in fact, the wind chimes has not moved and the wind has not moved, but the human heart is moving by itself.

The Realm of Wind -Lyric Analysis丨Final Chapter of “Tale of Light” Trilogy|Entering the Soul World with the Wind丨Awakening from a dream is also a dream   by Hey Word Research Society丨HeyChill

Arrangement details of "The Realm of Wind"

Excerpt from: On the best music Stupid Music  by  Original URL: link 

Uncle Carl's melody and arrangement of the "The Realm of Wind" really ended up with a lot of thoughts. There is a sense of continuity of "The Shape of Water" in the melody arrangement. Later, it was discovered that "Wind" was originally connected to "Water". However, due to the rush of time production, I put "The Firefly of Galaxy" in the middle first. No wonder the "Wind" sounded The melody (not to be arranged) has the same feeling as "Water".

As for the arrangement, "Wind" added the most characteristic and memorable parts of "The Shape of Water" and "The Firefly of Galaxy", such as the intro part of "The Shape of Water" and the electronic sound during the music break of "The Firefly of Galaxy". All three songs are integrated into one. When people hear "The Realm of Wind", the song will not be reminiscent of the previous song. The other three songs are not only the ups and downs of each single that make you feel exciting, but each has a larger format than the previous one. When the three songs are played in a row, it will be more exciting.

As mentioned earlier, due to time constraints, the second song of "The Firefly of Galaxy" was played, and the third song of "The Realm of Wind" was played. But what happened, on the contrary, I felt that these "wrongs" made the song feel even better.
Let’s talk about SiuHak's lyrics. Although "The Shape of Water" and "The Firefly of Galaxy" are related to death, they are only close to death, but "The Realm of Wind" is about the experience after death, and also echoes the first two poems, even though you have tried to die or struggle for survival, but In the end, people will have to experience death once.

"The Realm of Wind" is not a roundup, but the whole story is fully presented as "before death vs after death", especially "The Realm of Wind" echoes the first two poems. Even if there is obsession and darkness before death, everything will go away with the wind after death, leaving only Smile and wait for reincarnation. Of course, the people who heard this song have certainly not experienced death, but from the three lyrics, they have written a profound but profoundly emotional ending for the entire "The tale of Light series".

Finally talked about Jer. Although not everyone can accept his singing method, I have to say that Uncle Carl has used these three songs to create a musical image. Besides, Jer found out a very unique voice and singing method. In addition, Jer has certain skills in singing. It is absolutely not difficult to impress people who have heard it (whether they like it or not). The reason why I said, a good producer can develop a good singer, because he can develop the most unique aspect of a singer. 

At this point, I think I want to thank Uncle Carl and SiuHak. I should thank both of them to introduce a singer who is definitely worth looking forward to.

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