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Jer Lau Yingting: I hope to encourage everyone to find the light and get out of the darkness as soon as possible  By JetMagazine

"Happiness with psychedelic music in the middle of the night"
"The light led me to look back again at the shore and stretch out this opponent."
"I survived the darkness"
After the "Tale of Light” trilogy, this year's "Reborn Trilogy" hopes to use Jer's songs, voice, and high and low sounds to bring Hong Kong people a little bit of strength, loyalty to themselves, and rebirth. "Encourage everyone not to stay in the black hole for too long, to find the light and get out of the darkness as soon as possible."

Excerpted from: Jet Magazine
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Jer Lau Yingting, after the transformation of the “Tale of Light” of "The Shape of Wate", "The Firefly of Galaxy", and "The Realm of Wind" last year, the horoscope eyebrows of that day became the "madman" of today, showing the darkened madness, come to a "Reborn trilogy", the first time "Madman's Diary" brings Progressive Rock into the Cantonese song and encourages everyone to be loyal to themselves.

This fruit is delicious but dare not touch it, it is as crazy as the world is now. Jer said frankly that he hopes to use his songs, voice, high and low sounds to bring Hong Kong people a little bit of strength, be loyal to themselves, and be reborn.

The light led me to look back again at the shore and stretch out this opponent: "The darkest period, the most difficult days, has passed."

Sacrifice and gain, Jer's idea is clear, his goal is also very simple, is to sing more Cantonese songs to attract everyone's attention. "Maybe in the past ten years, everyone felt that the music scene was dead, and no new singers came out to relay, but many people have been working hard, but everyone did not pay attention to them. I think MIRROR came out as a good message. This class People may not be the best and most perfect, but we are willing to take this responsibility in society to promote change, and hope that more audiences will listen to Cantonese songs. First of all, we must not underestimate this circle. We must believe in this power and we will be able to do it slowly. It feels like before."

The fruit continues life. After all, Jer's songs can always bring you and me a glimmer of hope, a little strength, and cheer for many people who have been through difficult days. "I really hope that through my songs, I can give you some strength. Like everyone, I am in society. Under the influence of the environment, I have some negative emotions that I want to vent. To a certain extent, the songs can show my heart. What you want to say." He is blunt and optimistic, and tries to face bad things with a positive attitude. "I have also been lost before and have suffered some injuries, including love, career, family, etc., of course, I have also indulged in a period of unhappy time, but time has passed, and now I look back at the past, it may be just a small matter, but my mood was troubled at the time. Too long, so I especially want to sing some songs to encourage everyone not to stay in the black hole for too long, to find the light and get out of the darkness as soon as possible.” I hope everyone can hear Jer's sincere wherever inside and outside the cities.


[ SiuHak leaded Jer's solos and vowed to set off the Cantonese song revolution "The lyrics are sung by other people, not just doing their own thing"]  link

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Jer Lau's new song "Castle of Sand" has surpassed 830,000 hits in the first week after its release, which is another hit song after "Madman's Diary" and "Water Criminal Story". Many music fans described it more exaggeratedly as "Re-listening Cantonese songs because of Jer Lau Yingting"; even the upper body of "Madman" interpreted his 5 solo works in depth. All kinds of praise and praise, I really have to mention the hero behind him-"revolutionary" poet SiuHak.

As early as 2011, SiuHak had set off a revolution in "New Era Lyrics", and Hong Kong people discovered that in addition to the sentimental pagoda, the Cantonese music scene has Buddhist philosophy. He hopes to awaken the audience through his lyrics. Since then, works such as Eason Chan's "Farewell Sahā" in 2013, and Endy Chow Kwok Yin's "Fate" trilogy in "Live a Life" in 2012, have been filled with new era colors. 

From the destiny permeated in "Fate" that "every good or evil will gather or disperse sooner or later", to "Reunion", "You have reunited in me in the void and embraced deeply in this dimension of the sky" in "Reunion" Revealing that life often circulates in different ways, it is like a spiritual journey, and even makes SiuHak cry during the writing of lyrics. Now he has created one more time for newcomers in the music industry, putting the image of an ethereal singer on Jer Lau Yingting like a "destiny". In the end, "Return to Light" and "Madman's Diary" became the champion song , and Jer won the Gold Award of the Best New Singer in 2020 and became the "Golden Jer". Is this a causal fate? 

SiuHak believes in the New Age idea: Everything is one, God is everything, and everything is God. The concept of the new era is not superficial when it is said that it is mysterious or not. The "Buddhist poet" believed in him so much that he simply moved to Hangzhou to settle down, greedy the slow pace of life, and practice the "Buddhist life." After all, if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools, and SiuHak tools are his philosophical thoughts.

In this way, he can turn the "abstruse" of New Age into a Cantonese song that is easy to import. Jer Lau Yingting's new song "Castle of Sand" popped up right after it was put on the shelves. In fact, the first solo "Water Punishment Story" can already be seen. If the Monogatari series is rebirth from death, then the renaissance series is rebirth from birth. But "if you can't escape your fate, you will bear it." "Death" is not limited to the body. It can also be "heart death": a sense of relief and acceptance of fate. The present "Sand" of the lyricist works not only refers to the Buddhist scriptures, but also includes rare ancient words such as "a life is not smooth" (a life is not smooth) and "jailed" (prison). It is full of the responsibility of Cantonese songs-learning Chinese.

Of course, music, lyrics, arrangement, and supervision are indispensable, especially when the arrangement is not within the scope of royalty protection, the credit should not be ignored. Carl Wong (IG@wongsheungchuncarl) has been involved in the production of "Water Punishment Story". In order to fit the song's "womb perspective", fate reincarnation, and forgiveness, the sound of water drops, the harmony of different reincarnations of Jer Lau Yingting, the lullaby "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and an orchestral music adapted from "Lara's Theme" are added to create an emotional mood. The perseverance of the arranger makes the finished product sublimated to the artistic level, which has to be admirable.

The combination of "Jer Lau Yingting x SiuHak x Carl Wong " uses the performance of an idol singer as a sugar coat, presenting this hard-to-swallow, high-spirited medicine, as a pop song of 4 minutes and 57 seconds. The post-epidemic era has led to the rise of local creative industries, and audiences and society as a whole tend to pursue the sublimation of ideas more than spiritual comfort. Meeting the "right person" at the right time allows in-depth works to enter the mainstream-is this cycle considered a kind of reincarnation?

Text: Milly Yeung


Excerpted from: HK01 link

In 2021, he released the first "Madman's Diary" of the Reborn trilogy. The breakthrough in style not only received a wave of positive praise, but also made music fans "bright in their ears". Jer has also invited Sheng, a famous director in the MV industry, to direct. Jer has become a rock singer who is "badged by HoiTing", indulged in cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Idols do not hesitate to challenge the scale of the image, without distinction of "skin color/identity/character/look/thought/will karma/gene", implementing the theme and destiny of "crazy".

The MV has a strong sense of Buddhism, and some netizens used the analysis of the three poisons in Buddhism to be forwarded by director Sheng. The film begins with a middle-aged noodle shop owner. After a life of madness, he writes the Great Compassion Mantra before hanging himself, hoping to alleviate the sins of his life, eliminate all bad karma and illness, and finally get a good life. Know regret". The film uses mirrors and flowers to shuttle in different dimensions. The yellow flowers represent Jer and the purple flowers represent the dark-skinned female model; the former is addicted to the sound of "Midnight in the middle of the night / psychedelic music / looking for happiness / woofer / rage shock / eardrum" The latter is obsessed with lust and sex, "greed for life/greed for new/don't remember and tired of old" drifting away between the relationship between men and women. The three finally gathered at the noodle shop and saw the great compassion curse left by the noodle shop owner, which means that the madness engraved in the soul is doomed and difficult to escape from "first born/spoiled/raised dice/give God's hand."

As for the MV plot including suicide, eroticism, drug abuse and other behaviors that violate the general moral values, the scale is as large as the 18th prohibition. When asked if there was any avoidance due to MIRROR's idol status, Sheng said: "Although Jer is an idol, This time the MV is a big one in Hong Kong, but it’s actually a trivial thing to look at the world. Before filming, I requested Fa’s approval and passed it quickly. There were no creative restrictions and scruples. It was a little surprised. I was shooting myself. I've been scanned and I'm so sensitive, but Fa feels that there is no problem to pass. This time Fa's trust and freedom are so great."

Sheng also shared his personal favorite part in "Madman's Diary": "I like the opening scene the most. In terms of atmosphere creation, the central idea of the whole thing is put in place." He explained the depth behind it. "Even if you know all the Buddhist scriptures, the laws of the universe, the soul system, and the reasons for coming to this world, you will find that everything is just a choice." Sheng also shared his favorite 2009 science fiction movie "Mr. Nobody" (Hong Kong Translated "Little National Nemo"): "There is no decision in the world that is wrong. (Different decisions) will only take you to different directions. It's like the soul chooses different topics. Some people need to go through a good Hard -The core life, or the things that universal values don’t feel like to go through, this year’s theme I really want to say that everyone should remember that they are a part of it.”

Excerpted from: presslogic  by  Sherry     Original URL: link


Jer's new song "A Madman's Diary" is progressive-rock, with a breakthrough in style and image, breaking the framework of traditional idols. In addition to the fresh style of the song, the MV also has a visual impact, which aroused heated discussions among netizens when it was released earlier! In the MV, Jer turned into a belated "Rock Friends", indulged in cigarettes, alcohol, and poison, and substituting in a state of psychedelic madness, making fans shine!

Jer, who transformed into a bad boy, did not arouse fans' disgust. Instead, he won the second creation of his tidal phrase "Bad than HoiTing" by fans. He bravely picked the idol's scale and won unanimous praise! He recently sang "Madman's Diary" live on different platforms, and the performance shocked the audience!


Jer won the championship in the 27th week of ViuTV's "Chill Club", and the live performance of "Madman's Diary" on stage was praised to the fullest, showing a crazy posture! Jer played the whole stage, and some fans said that he turned the "Chill Club" stage into his personal mini concert!

Jer is no longer on the stage like the old-fashioned and independent in the past. Netizens praised that not only the momentum can be suppressed, but also the personal typhoon, which can be described as a storm-level improvement!

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