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Seeing light in the dark is like getting hope in despair, but if you can't find outside light, why not let yourself shine?

Mirror member Jer Lau Yingting created three songs in the "Tale of Light Series" this year, starting with "The Shape of Water", then "The Firefly of Galaxy", and finally ending with "The Realm of Wind". Among them, "The Firefly of Galaxy" is a story about light. At the end of the MV of "The Shape of Water, after Jer was led to the surface of the water by light, the light disappeared. In a future without light, how would he go on?

"The Firefly of Galaxy" inherited the concept of "The Shape of Water". He hopes to encourage everyone not to give up no matter how difficult they are. "The light disappears at the end of the "The Shape of Water" MV, so "The Firefly of Galaxy" is in the dark. Looking for the story of light, but in the end I found that I am the light. I hope that through this song, I can bring out that no matter success or failure, and the most important thing is to rely on myself. Even in a difficult situation, don’t be affected by external factors and feel frustrated. "​


At the end of the MV, he broke an oil lamp in his hand. He explained that this lamp represents some frames in life. It may be a sad memory or a failed experience. Only by breaking these frameworks can we continue to explore more possibilities for ourselves.

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