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Jer Lau, the star that is happy to light the way to new horizons

Excerpted from:Esquire HK (link)

From the darkness underneath, rising with the light, transforming and sublimating from reflection, we finally see the stars shine and love ...... This is the imagery and fantasy that Jer@Mirror (Jer Lau Yingting) brings to you through his two song series.

Gathering countless little light bulbs

He also explains, "I want to send a message of strength to everyone through this song! When people are lost in the dark, the light of the stars in the sky can always lead the way. He even likens the stars to human love. "When everyone has love, it is like a small light bulb that transforms into a star in the sky, so that we can walk together step by step in the darkness and not get lost. Finally, he stresses that "people should love each other and be grateful.

Song Storyteller
Jer's songs were played on the set, not only in 'When the Stars Shine', but also in 'The Story of Water Torture', 'The Story of Echoing Light', 'The Story of the Wind Spirit', 'The Diary of a Madman' and 'The Vessel of Sand', which are two trilogies of six songs in the Story and Rebirth series. I would describe my songs as a series of stories about myself, a state of being underwater, in the dark, gradually going from very narrow to the widest. The 'Diary of a Madman' is also very self-explanatory, as is 'Vessel of Sand', both of which are independent stories. ...... When the stars of humanity shine, this one is so broad, it's a view of the whole world.

The trilogy is full of different levels of emotions, such as wildness, sorrow, relief and cohesion. How do you manage the emotions? He says, "It's hard to pinpoint the emotions in my songs. For example, in 'Vessel of Sand', I run away from home, and then there are a lot of light and water elements, which are all unreal or imaginary. The only way is to digest the lyrics after reading them and then imagine them, or watch more movies and project them onto the lyrics, so it's easier to relate to them.

The whole story telling seems pessimistic but at the same time it seems optimistic. He explained in detail, "After two years of producing songs with different themes, I hope I can influence life with life. I've been listening to songs since I was a kid, and I've been influenced by the lives of different artists, and I hope that by producing songs with a message, I can influence other people with myself. Uncle Carl  also mentioned this on social media before, describing how I sing with my life in the studio. I feel that whether I'm on stage, off stage or in the studio, I have to use all of myself to perform, just like the singers I've learned from in the past. When they are on stage, they sing with all their energy, all they have, and the audience can feel it. When I as a singer am involved in the story, only then can people feel the story.

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