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Tonight, I will talk to you about the origin of idea and concept of  "Castle of Sand".

Since I wrote "Simply seeking Love" two years before, I have been thinking about the source of everything. What song will I write? What drove me to write this song? It will naturally go back to a few days ago, a few months ago, or even a few years ago. Similar to the Buddhism's "Method of Dependent Origination," you will understand that a piece of work is a combination of countless causes and conditions. It is true that everything is fate, and cause and effect are inseparable.

The main thread of "Castle of Sand" is "couples in this life, mother and son in the next life", except for the "debt collection" style of "no enmity, no father and son" and "daughter is your former lover", from the finest to the big Chinese. A few years ago, I saw a book that was very important to me-"The Soul’s Pre-Birth Plan". There was a chapter on "Abortion" in it. "P.128, if you’re interested), I’ve always wanted to release the lyrics, so I’ve always played a section of "The Call of the Night Sky" by Chow Kwok Yin. But I know it's hard to have a producer willing to let me write it. (Post supplement: Some netizens reminded me that I also wrote the last paragraph of "Between Silence" by Chan WaiMan@chan_wai_man. That's right! I don't even remember it myself! 😅)

By the end of this year, "Music is Dead" sent a station, and a reporter called for an interview. It happened that night I was writing the first part of Reborn Trilogy. After the interview, the reporter DM me and said that I would like to thank me for writing "Four Seasons" and accompany her mother on the final journey. I don’t know what to say except for "Sorrow", but because of her message, I suddenly learned the story of "Soul’s Pre-Birth Plan", so I made my own claim and wrote the first draft that night (I didn’t even name it at the time). Yes, tentatively named "Cradle Story"), it is a word about "couples in this life, mother and son in the next life." The next day, Jer felt that the words were too deep and not what he wanted, so he rewritten it into the later "Madman's Diary".

Then, in May, I started to conceive the second part. Jer sent a text message to write the first two forms of "Zero Limit" "I'm sorry, please forgive me" ("Zero Limit" is a well-known book on body and mind, time depends on Google, if you are interested), huh? Is it briefing? Usually he will send a lot of words with thousands of words together? Because he had just finished the Mirror concert at the time and was half-killed, and he had no power to send the photo. Then I asked if I can use the theme of the last time "Madman" discarded the manuscript, to say "Sorry, please forgive me"? Jer said OK. I took advantage of his busy period. I speed up to write the "Castle of Sand" as soon as possible and wrote it as "Castle of Sand". (But I've spent three nights, and the song is too hard to write.  The crazy producer insisted that the first sentence of this song must include the last word "mad~~~" in the last song "Madman's Diary"! Hey only this sentence "(The wind is rising)" has been slandering me for half a day. )!

In the middle of writing lyrics, I found on YouTube that a dear friend named Tommy Sir analyzed "Madman's Diary" from a purely Buddhist perspective, and also predicted the direction of the second part (both are rumors, search by yourself, if you are interested)! So insightful! It mentions the opposition between "fatalism" and "free will", and I just woke up like a dream: It's okay! In fact, this kind of struggle for life can be extended to this mother-child relationship, and the song will be richer! Also because of the word "destiny", it hit me right when I wrote the word "hourglass" at the end, and a magical spark ignited! Suddenly think of Matsumoto Kiyaki! "Castle of Sand"!  The theme of this classic novel is exactly "destiny" (the book is good, although it is so thick, but the adaptation of the film in 1974 is even more exciting! Even the protagonist in the book "destiny" piano concerto, more than 40 minutes of movement , The montage that was originally placed in the last 45 minutes of the movie! Have you ever watched a movie that ended in a 40-minute MV with very little dialogue? Director Yoshitaro Nomura, screenwriter Hashimoto Shinobu and Yoji Yamada, again, Google yourself, such as interested)!

Finally written! But, yeah, I think it's so hard, but it's so valuable. Three days after the handover, there was no feedback from the team, and he secretly worried about whether the pregnancy would be successful this time. Because I was eager to hope, I posted a sentence in the group three days later, "If you don’t accept it, you will break our relationship!", I was shocked to hear that Jer’s face was green, but in fact, he should be so busy that he has no time to read the words, Sorry. !

What I want to say the most is that when I became more mature, more I don’t believe that a piece of work is purely about my own business. All the starting point, time brewing, all the people and things that appear to help make things happen, and the harmony of causes and conditions to achieve a song must be one by one. Thanks: "The Soul’s Pre-Birth Plan", "The Musical Circle Is Dead", Chow KwokYin, the bereaved reporter, "Four Seasons", Tommy Sir, Matsumoto Kiyaki, Fa, Jer, Carl Wong, Director Sheng, and even Ng LamFung who sang Demo (Actually, there are two people in jail, one of them is Cheung HoiSum, who is also a lyricist. He wrote a music review to see through me that there is no use "I" as the first person at the beginning of "A madman's story". The only word "I" in "Castle of Sand" is Quotation, not Narration, but that article has disappeared...), each has its own position and function. I'm just one of the characters sent by God to write the words as loudly as possible, that's all. We are inextricably linked. We actually live in a giant web of consciousness, where everything is connected and interconnected. Sincerely).

There's nothing, look at it. I heard that many people cried after watching the MV, good news! Release your emotions, and then work hard to build the next "Castle of Sand" to fight against all destiny together. Thank you everyone for loving this song.

It’s like this: I’m so happy to see Carl Wong’s explanation and sharing. Everyone liked the author’s self-dissection of the work. The most important thing is: My Son "Ah Chen" finally slept, so I dug out from all my records about the original idea of the lyric of this song "Castle of Sand"! Huh, but it's the last one.

This article was originally written for Jer, and I had no intention to publish it. It is for the sake of understanding the background of the song. A lot of information can be Well-prepared for various publicity interviews at the time of dispatch (Last Year during the “Tale of Light” series, we hadn't prepare anything.  So I found that sometimes the original meaning is misinterpreted by Jer). Also, because the title of the song directly quotes the name of classic novels, I don't want any material errors. Now shared them publicly to all Jer's fans. It's really for the last word!  But I hope Jer can also share his singing recording experiences, sing in four ranges in four days, or digest the words, and control the false sounds! Or maybe the director shared how a MV can be done in just five days? The process of filming the scene etc. ...   I want to know more (but both of them are very busy...)!

At the same time, I hope everyone can understand more about the production process of Cantonese songs through this song. Let's face adversity together, I guess the reason of the occurring of Mirror is mainly because of this! The people who make the songs and the people who listen to the songs are cheering together! Yeah.

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"Castle of Sand" is the novel of Japanese mystery master Seizo Matsumoto in 1960, and has been changed into movies and TV series many times. The protagonist in the book tried to hide his origin and tragic past because he was afraid of being discriminated against by society, and thus climbed into the upper class. In the end, he even committed murder for fear of being exposed.

The Japanese word "沙の器" means "vessel made of sand". It is a metaphor for the protagonist's hard work in running a brand new identity and career. It is like building a sand vessel. When the tide rises, the wave symbolizes "fate". The sand vessel collapsed immediately. It means that no matter how hard we work, we cannot escape the final arrival of fate.

The protagonist eventually became a well-known musician, and inspired by his own dirty history, wrote a piano concerto, named "Fate", which is the most important theme of the novel.

The word "fate" comes from "stars". The ancients divided the night sky into twenty-eight constellations and looked at the constant movement of the stars. Therefore, in contrast to the unchangeable destiny of mankind, it was called "fate" (so "the number of the constellations in the Ganges River has not yet bloomed free"). "Thin" don't know.

The section A of this song describes the process of the madman’s soul re-entering the womb. The messenger (wind) with the soul keeps reminding "how to confuse the right and wrong of grievances", which is a precursor to "cannot escape fate."

After the section A" the whole song is "Ex-Madman". The "soul monologue" when the memory of the previous life has not been completely forgotten after entering the womb is the expectation and hope of the fetus singing from the mother's womb. In the two sections B, "The child embraces his mother, forgets all the history, and throws himself into the chaos of the world" and "The child and mother keep telling me forgive me in their dreams. The ten thousand year spell is still valid." They are actually just his subjective wishes, which have not actually happened yet. , Because he hasn't been born yet.

Section D is a kind of pun meaning: "For more than a lifetime, reincarnated, curled up, stayed, and waited in the darkness, only love can break through the gap of light leakage." The "curled up" is the posture of the baby in the womb, and "the jail" is the "prison". It means that people are always trapped in the prison of "fate." But whether it's the womb or fate, you can only rush out of the leaky gap (ie, vagina) with love in the end. Besides, I also secretly echoed the two lines of "The Shape of Water", "The voice leads me to swim forward and rise my body to find the gap." It is also in the water (amniotic fluid), but also in the process of being reborn, which also corresponds to "The Firefly of Galaxy". In the phrase "Persist in seeing the spectrum in the dark" and "Searching for the light in the dark".

As for the final Chorus C3, "After growing up and becoming self-reliant, expecting mothers to suddenly lose their heads" can be a fantasy of the fetus, or it can be really 20 years after the bridge and music break, which is left to the listener's imagination.

The idea of the lyric of "Castle of Sand"  By SiuHak (IG@diuhak)  link

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