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Using the "Castle of Sand" to predict the third song of Reborn Trilogy and the farther world

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I started to pay attention to SiuHak, the lyricist of "Castle of Sand", when he changed Eason Chan's "Nothing" to "One Branch Gets Me" many years ago, and his skill in writing words was also a good idea when he was humorous and funny. Afterwards, I continued to pay attention to him and found that he did not only know how to be funny, but he had a passion in his heart. He was depressed and naturally wanted to spread out. You can write "Music is Dead", which is an injustice in the music world, or you can write Published "A Madman's Diary" with a strong view of Buddhism causality. It’s really unexpected that the short film of "Madman’s Diary" analyzed by JER before this frequency was actually fortunate to be seen by SiuHak, and it was a little bit of the inspiration for the second part of the "Reborn Trilogy" "Castle of Sand".  "Castle of Sand" has been overwhelming as soon as it was released. Not only SiuHak, Carl Wong and JER who were involved in the production of the song have described the creative ideas and characteristics of the song in detail, and various music critics, music fans, and even tutoring the king of heaven. I rushed to interpret the song, and I have almost thoroughly analyzed the content of this song. The editor asked himself if he was not good enough, and could not contribute more analysis of "Castle of Sand" besides the above-mentioned experts, so This short film will continue the analysis of "Madman's Diary" before this frequency, and predict the content of the third part of the "Reborn Trilogy" through "Castle of Sand". If "The Diary of a Madman" mainly talks about the Buddhist "greed" and then "Castle of Sand" mainly talks about the Buddhist "hatred", then the third part is likely to talk about the Buddhist "delusion". The Buddhism pointed out that the three poisons of "Greed, hatred and delusion" are the reasons why human beings have fallen into infinite reincarnation. Want to know whether the protagonist of the next song can break through the fate of constant reborn and reincarnation? Then we must continue to look forward to SiuHak's unreliable ambitions.

From last year's “Tale of Light” series" to this year's "Reborn Trilogy", in addition to marveling at the high quality of the creative team, what is more important is the "green light" support behind the company. Because such a profound and difficult theme is too far from the mainstream commercial elements in the market, if the company is not open and unique, I am afraid that the above two series may not be able to be enjoyed by a crowd of music fans. The previous short film on this channel has analyzed "Madman's Diary" in detail, and pointed out that the protagonist in the song has committed one of the "three poisons" in Buddhism-"greed". Based on this context, the editor predicts the theme of the second part. It should be related to the rest of the Buddhism "three poisons" (Greed, hatred and delusion), and the material is based on last year's "“Tale of Light”, usually at the end of the lyrics and melody to reveal the material of the next song. Since the ending part of "Madman’s Diary" specifically mentioned "a family of a few people cause common karma", and the second part mentioned above may be related to the "hatred " of the three poisons, and "hatred " is the easiest It is produced in families that cannot change the relationship between each other, so it is logical to predict that the next song may use family as the background of the story. As a result, this time the song "Castle of Sand" really adopted the theme of "hatred", and the material used was a two-person family composed of a mother and a son. According to the story line of "Madman's Diary" and "Castle of Sand", you will find that "Castle of Sand" is more like the "prequel" of "Madman's Diary", that is, the two should be reversed in the deduction of time, because  "Madman's Diary" has clearly pointed out that the protagonist in the song "suddenly knows regret when he puts his hand together after half a life of madness", which exactly echoes the "Say I'm Sorry, Let Love Last Forever" in "Castle of Sand". This also means that although the protagonist of "Castle of Sand" said to his mother: "I'm sorry," he will continue to fall into the fateful cycle of "Madman's Diary" in the second half of his life.

Director SHENG mentioned in the media that he and SiuHak had a consensus when they were conceiving the MV. Because the filming technique of "Madman's Diary" is too esoteric and difficult to understand, it may not be easy for the general public to understand. Therefore, this time "Castle of Sand" is deliberately filmed. You have to "stick to the ground" a little bit. In fact, family affection itself is already an immortal theme, which can easily evoke and affect the memories and emotions of music fans, so music fans have a strong and normal response to the MV. The clues appearing in the MV are also closely linked with "Madman's Diary". The MV of "Castle of Sand" first saw an old man looking at his dead wife, and made a soul contract with his wife to become a mother and son in the next life. Looking closely at the appearance of the old man, he is not the same person as the noodle shop owner in "Madman's Diary", and he is also wearing a long gown. Obviously he is older, so the time described in "Madman's Diary" It must be later than "Castle of Sand". What's more obvious is of course the role played by JER in "Castle of Sand", which is actually the "Madman" in "Madman's Diary", which has appeared in both the BAND room and the room where JER is in the two MVs. You can learn about the posters and the underground environment of the factory. It can be inferred from this that although JER said silently "I'm sorry" to a mother suffering from dementia in "Castle of Sand", he has learned to forgive in a trance, and has since penetrated his life. But it seems that the story is not over yet. This will be the case in "A Madman's Diary": "A few people in the family triggered a common industry and finally fell into madness again." It seems that one sentence of "sorry" failed to resolve all the karma, so when JER "retreats madly in the second half of his life", he will still fall into a vicious circle of "madness".

As mentioned above, shortly after the launch of "Castle of Sand", SiuHak , Carl Wong  and JER have almost analyzed the song creation process. Music critics and fans have also analyzed the content of the song from different angles. I want to continue here. To introduce you to the YouTube channel of "HeyChill", her analysis of the lyrics and MV of "Castle of Sand" is very detailed and accurate. It is worth your time to read. Instead, I want to talk to you about another reincarnation "little knowledge" brought out by SiuHak in "Castle of Sand", which is the so-called "soul contract." SiuHak seems to have studied the knowledge of body, mind, and mind, and he has read many related books. Therefore, last year's "Trilogy of Tale of Light" and this year's "Reborn Trilogy" are actually introducing the knowledge of body, mind and soul to music fans. For him, it may be only for self purpose, but for music fans, he has already achieved universal success. "Castle of Sand" tells the story of an old man who chooses to become a mother and child with his wife in the next life. In fact, this is the concrete manifestation of the soul contract. Many people think that reincarnation is just a personal matter, and that the people and things they will encounter in the next life are unknown, and even more people don't even believe in souls and reincarnation. Of course, the editor is not here to lead people to superstition. Whether they believe it or not depends on personal choice. The most important thing is mutual respect. The so-called soul contract refers to the contract between the soul and other souls between the end of this life and the next reincarnation. Each soul contract contains a piece of soul work, and the next life will become its own life issue. The purpose is to help the soul to Advance in the direction of perfection. Of course, some soul contracts are chosen by oneself, but some soul contracts are signed by other souls on their own initiative.

The old man described in "Castle of Sand" actively chooses to continue to enter into a soul contract with his wife's soul after reincarnation. According to the explanatory text of the song's MV, the life issue of the elderly man in the afterlife is "fate and forgiveness." Because the old man was very arrogant and hurt many people before he was alive, and he believed that his wife was the most hurt, so he chose to be born into a mother and child with his wife, and he was connected by blood, and he studied the unfinished tasks in his previous life again. The lyrics of "Castle of Sand" have clearly pointed out that the old man and his wife had "hatred" before they were alive, so the old man "want to repair the past" in the afterlife. Since the karma of the previous life has not been eliminated, the current life will continue to bear the retribution, so through the relationship of this life, the situation of the previous life can be inferred. In the MV of "Castle of Sand", it is said that JER's mother was addicted to tobacco and alcohol when she was a child. JER stored cigarettes for her mother's health and was beaten severely. After JER was beaten and ran away from home, his mother kept calling to find him. Although this plot is very disturbing, it can be seen that there is actually love between JER and his mother. Everyone is nervous about each other, but the method used is wrong. It is speculated that the relationship between the old mum and his wife should be very poor, but they still love each other deeply. In order to let the old man feel the feeling of being hurt by his wife, let his mother inflict harm on himself in the next life. It can be regarded as an atonement for his wife, and it can also be regarded as learning how to forgive each other in hatred. At the end of the "Castle of Sand" MV, JER finally said sorry to his mother, but does this mean that the subject of this world is over? Of course not! The old man has no time to say sorry to his wife, isn't it JER? After the death of his wife, the old man cannot be forgiven by his wife. It is the same as the fact that JER cannot obtain the forgiveness of his mother after the mother suffers from dementia. History is in fact constantly circulating.

At this stage, I want to talk about the fateful theme of "Castle of Sand". The lyrics "The law of fatalism can't be deleted at all, the million of the stars in the universe, and the freedom has not yet bloomed", full of strong fatalism. Looking back at "The Diary of a Madman", I can realize that not only will the destiny be repeated in the reincarnation. Isn't the soul that has to recycle through the same life forever? And being suffered by the pain forever? No. When analyzing "The Diary of a Madman", this video mentioned the opposition between fatalism and free will, but in the reincarnation of the soul, fatalism and free will are included at the same time. That is to say, people and subjects encountered in this world are all reincarnations. It has been established before, so some people are "born with a golden key" and some people are born in famine and troubled times. These are fate and cannot be changed. However, choosing what life issues to experience in the next life, with which souls to sign a contract before reincarnation, how to complete life issues in the next life, choosing to do more karma or accumulate good deeds, is actually a manifestation of free will. If you make a mistake, you can choose to repent sincerely and change it, or you can choose to continue the mistake. This is all free will. The lyrics of "Castle of Sand" mentioned that "only love can break through the gap of light leakage" and "sorry to make love last forever." In fact, this is the choice of this world. You can choose to love or continue to hate. If you choose the latter, then this life is not finished, and the soul must be reincarnated again until the life is finished, like fate; if you choose the former, this world is completed, and the soul can learn other unfinished subjects in the afterlife, and the distance to completing all life subjects One step closer, breaking fate. It is a pity that the protagonist of "Castle of Sand" still failed to break this fate in the end.

Then the editor will respond to the title of this article and boldly predict the content of the third part of the "Reborn Trilogy" or even the next series of songs. Unlike "Madman's Diary", after the launch of "Castle of Sand", there has been a lot of information related to the third part of the "Reborn Trilogy", so I can make some sorting out first. In fact, JER has directly stated that the theme of the next song is "I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH", which means love and gratitude. In fact, as mentioned above, the last sentence of "Castle of Sand" is "Say I'm Sorry to Make Love eternal". In fact, it has clearly combined the theme of "Castle of Sand" "I'm sorry, please forgive me" and the next song. The main theme is coherent. And Carl Wong's IG also admitted that the demo of the "Reborn" trilogy has already existed, and the three songs must echo the beginning and the end. Furthermore, whether it is from the "Tale of Light” series to this "Reborn Trilogy", the end of each song will reveal the content or theme of the next song, which is really like the reincarnation of the soul! In fact, the power of "sorry" is indeed great, but it also depends on the "sorry" mentality. Buddhism attaches great importance to repentance, so the scriptures also say that "If sin arises, the heart will be destroyed, and if the heart is destroyed, sin will also die; if both the heart and sin are destroyed, it is called true confession." The "madman" in "The Great Compassion Mantra" is also a type of confession. But if a confession takes the form of repentance and does not make up for the mistakes at all, repentance is useless; if the repentant continues to cling to his mistakes and feels that he cannot make up for his mistakes, this is not confession, it is repentance, and it is also useless. use. The lyrics of "Madman's Diary" "Suddenly put the pen together to know regret", and the protagonist of the "Castle of Sand" MV regrets that he failed to apologize before his mother suffered from dementia. In fact, they are regrets for themselves rather than real. Repentance, so "going into madness again" becomes an inevitable and irreversible fate.

Although JER has revealed the main theme of the next song, its selection and specific content are still a mystery. SiuHak's Facebook post revealed that he had already started to write the third part and read a book, but he did not clearly state which book it was, which attracted many fans to speculate. There is a vast sea of books. It is hard to know which book he read, but since the first and second parts of the "Reborn Trilogy" both use the popular novel names as the song titles, I believe that the third part will not exception. SiuHak mentioned in the post that we have to "love ourselves in order to regain our dignity." In addition to this, in conjunction with the description of the "Castle of Sand" MV, it also mentioned that "madman" hurt many people, and in the end it hurts even more. It’s oneself, so it is predicted that the "I LOVE YOU" mentioned in the third part does not only refer to loving other people, but also the universe including oneself. Just like the Buddha's compassion, it is a kind of great love. Spirit. As mentioned above, JER said I’m sorry only after his mother suffered from dementia in "Castle of Sand". Therefore, the karma of the previous life was not eliminated, even if "Copy 10,000 times a day <Great Compassion Mantra>" Change, so in the end it will "get into madness again". And because of "going into madness again", the noodle shop owner will eventually hang himself to commit suicide, continuing the so-called "causal karma program," and will continue to receive retribution in the next life, failing to reverse his fate. To truly reverse the fate, it is actually the last sentence of "Castle of Sand" "Say I'm Sorry to Make Love Lasting", which is true love and forgiveness. How can we achieve true love and forgiveness, and be grateful for all things in the universe? This subject is too big and too difficult, but it is also very important to all mankind. How to make the world understand depends on SiuHak's brilliant pen.

The explanatory text of the MV of "Castle of Sand" also mentions that "Hatred always arises from affliction ", and "Ignorance" is the "delusion" in the "three poisons" of Buddhism. Buddhism believes that "fascination" means being confused about the principles of the world and the teachings of Buddhism, so that "twelve karma" and reincarnation will be born. The protagonist in the MV of "Castle of Sand" did not understand why his mother would indulge in tobacco and alcohol, or why she would beat herself severely, so he chose to run away from home, and since then he developed resentment towards his mother. Isn't this because of the MV Does the protagonist not understand the "delusion" of the karma of the past life and the retribution of the present life, and thus give birth to the "hatred" towards his mother? When I got to JER and grew up, I would copy the "Great Compassion Mantra" every day to punish myself because I regretted my mistakes. When I was old, I even hanged myself because of remorse. Isn't this the birth of "delusion" who doesn't understand the meaning of true repentance "hatred" to yourself? So how can we get rid of "delusion"? Do you really want to be a monk and become a monk? no. According to Buddhism, practicing Buddhism wisdom is a viable way to eliminate ignorance, but compassion is also an important method to eliminate the troubles caused by greed, anger, and ignorance. It is not enough to understand the truth, it needs to be put into practice. How to implement it? It is with love and gratitude. As long as human beings understand love and gratitude, they will be able to return to a pure self. However, it is not enough to have compassion for all things without being compassionate for ourselves. So it is meaningless not to see through, because we are also part of the universe, so we must also learn to love oneself and being grateful to oneself can regain dignity.

So in what way will the next song present the theme of "love and gratitude"? In his Facebook post, SiuHak revealed that JER no longer needs to smoke in the next MV. This reminds me of the scene in the MV of "Madman's Diary" where a black woman is determined to change and throw away her cigarette. According to the content of this MV, it is speculated that if the "madman" played by JER is the appearance of the noodle shop owner when he was young, then the black woman is likely to be the afterlife after the noodle shop owner committed suicide, so the next MV is likely to be Telling how this black woman has penetrated the life subject of "love and gratitude", not only to love her, but also to love herself. She cannot repeat the noodle shop owner's suicide by holding hate towards herself and once again "drown into the sea center." In fact, a large number of researches on "Self-compassion" have appeared in the psychology field in the past decade, pointing out that the broad definition of "self-compassion" involves the three core elements that we bear in pain, namely, self-kindness and common humanity. And mindfulness. Psychology and different religions have provided many ways to be more compassionate to ourselves, and the editor is even more looking forward to how SiuHak will teach us how to achieve "self-compassion." When everyone knows how to love themselves, "Greed, hatred and delusion" can no longer become their own troubles. When I understand that "Greed, hatred and delusion" do not affect myself but affect the world at the same time, I will realize that the pain of others and my own pain are actually the same, and that will produce compassion for others and even the universe. When you truly understand love and practice love, you are a big step closer to breaking through the destiny of reincarnation.

This article is a bit long this time, because there is too much information involved, and there is more preparation beforehand. The editor asks myself that I have nothing to do with Buddhism and related knowledge of body, mind, and soul. I can only constantly search for information to make up for the lack of talents. But compared to SiuHak and other people who have contributed to the delivery of "Castle of Sand", my so-called hard work It is absolutely trivial. The third part is the final chapter of the "Reborn Trilogy". It is believed that the protagonist of the song's MV will truly understand the harm of "Greed, hatred and delusion" to people after being reincarnated again. But can the protagonist escape the fate of infinite reincarnation? The editor's view is negative, because the so-called karma may have been accumulated for thousands of years. How can it be easily and completely eliminated in one lifetime? However, the reincarnation of the soul to learn different life topics does not actually need to be pessimistic that continuous reincarnation is equivalent to falling into the Samsara (The endless cycle of birth and suffering and death and rebirth) , but should be regarded as a beautiful journey of the soul's awakening to perfection. The "Reborn" trilogy tells us why there is "Greed, hatred and delusion", why we must continue to reincarnate and experience life topics, and how to complete our life topics. However, there are tens of thousands of life topics, and there is almost no graduation day. Therefore, the editor is very much looking forward to SiuHak  opening another "trilogy" in the coming year, introducing other cosmic laws besides the law of cause and effect to the fans, so that more souls can be awakened to match the ascension of the earth. Even if you don't believe in these doctrines of body, mind, and soul, you can gain pleasure from carefully appreciating the beauty of the work and experience the efforts and contributions made by a group of musicians to the Hong Kong music scene. With them in the Hong Kong music scene, the Hong Kong music scene will certainly not die.

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