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People are in Sahā, can't help it?

Excerpted from: Ming Pao  by  Mo Zhewei  Original URL: link


"A Madman's Diary" shows a more complicated view of reincarnation and humanity. According to the introduction of the MV, this is the first part of the "Reborn" trilogy. The madman goes up to the poor green and falls down to the yellow spring, "the blood vessels of the whole body are connected to a laser turntable / wearing a diamond ornament like Lucy across the sky." Thinking of "he was born to sleep in the "Big Dipper"again", or "lead tens of thousands of people to leave." Everything is a mixture of "skin color, identity, personality, appearance, thought, will, and karma genes." I have no autonomy, I am karma. In a frenzied world, "no need to sing, no mantras", "which one of these ten commandments to keep?" Regardless of gender, penetrating race, originated emptiness, madman dissected himself. However, the madman played around the world, past and present, but suddenly calmed down, and his soul returned to his place. The empty eyes stared at the world, "holding the pen together will know regret", "watching the setting sun evaporate the predecessor." Don't be crazy anymore, if there is no good result, please stop. However, human will is inferior to the incredible karma, "causal causal causal / never exit". I want to "self-cultivation and stability, have a happy career, marry a wife and have children to purchase a property," and seek the ordinary, but with strong karma together, people "finally fall into madness again."

Madman finally lost to karma?

The moment when the madman’s primordial spirit returns to his throne is just like the "feeling of compassion".

"When you have feelings of pity and cannot turn, you will deeply lament the weakness of your roots. But all your feelings, realizations, and sorrows come from your "feelings of pity." . Although your life is purely in the negative, pure in the "sinking inaction", but you still have this "sorrowful feeling"-because of the "sinking inaction" and clearing out the "sorrowful feeling". This The "feeling of compassion" is completely self-sorrowful and self-pity, without any direction, and completely static. This is the pity that belongs to oneself, the pity and pity belong to oneself, but it is sad because of nothingness, and sad because of sinking. "I was shocked that I could no longer sink like this, and wanted to stop and escape from nothingness. However, if this feeling of compassion cannot be transformed into the power to overcome, or connect with certain principles between the heaven and the earth, or realize the true face of the world, it will only be self-compassion and self-pity, or even return to the path of sinking.

The pity of the madman is ultimately no match for karma, and the one who wants to "say goodbye to the saha" can only sigh and sigh. Maybe it's still "don't care about the truth and intoxication in the world"? What other answers will SiuHak have? Let's look forward to the remaining two songs of the trilogy.

Madman's Diary-Lyrics and MV Analysis|Madman's Ultimate Rhapsody丨Satisfaction and Self-dissection丨Reborn Trilogy Chapter 1  By Hey Word Research Society丨HeyChill

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