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Seeing light in the dark is like getting hope in despair, but if you can't find outside light, why not let yourself shine?


Mirror member Jer Lau Yingting created three songs in the “Tale of Light” series this year, starting with "The Shape of Water", then "The Firefly of Galaxy", and finally ending with "The Realm of Wind".


Among them, "The Firefly of Galaxy" is a story about light. At the end of the MV of "The Shape of Water", after Jer was led to the surface of the water by light, the light disappeared. In a future without light, how would he go on?


Excerpted from: am730  by Xiaog   Original URL: link

In an interview with Ma Kit-Wai earlier, SiuHak revealed that when writing "The Shape of Water", Jer suggested that the reference was the best Oscar movie "The Shape of Water" (The Shape of Water)

Last year's "The Shape of Water", "The Firefly of Galaxy" and "The Realm of Wind" sung by MIRROR member Jer (Lau Yingting), soothed people's hearts with unique and contagious songs. The song resonated, and the creative team behind the scenes producer, composer and lyricist contributed a lot. The four singles from Jer's debut to the present have all been written by SiuHak. He posted on social platforms to share his cooperation with the winning gold medalist in the music industry.

Jer, he is a young man who is well prepared (or even too much, he will send 50 reference photos and a thousand-character essay before writing) and who knows exactly what he wants. Maybe he really wanted a word type similar to "Soul Recognition" at the beginning. Forgive me for writing and scaring myself and tearing away all the icing of the love song. It’s more difficult to digest, and every song is more difficult to digest. The first is hard to sing. "

Jer's message will continue to give SiuHak "50 reference photos and a thousand-character essay", but SiuHak responded that he did not see the photos.

There are some things that need to be chewed slowly, and I can’t swallow things quickly. I feel it and write, "Treasure it, after all, it may be possible that this kind of soul-level songs will appear in the Cantonese music scene again in the future."


Excerpted from: Ming Pao  by Ma Jiewei   Original URL: link

[Ming Pao News] Catch up with the MIRROR / ERROR craze, and have seen the grief and persistence of "Error Self-Fat Project". MIRROR KeungShow and Ian are the first to become popular, and AK and Edan have been the same in recent months. Jer Lau Yingting took a different approach, singing, singing and composing, with rich layers, which aroused the resonance of many literary youths. "I was left behind in the broad galaxy", "Darkness is less than dawn", these soul murmurs originated in the deep valley of the times in 2019/2020. In the turbulent Hong Kong, we sank under the water, and we were left in the galaxy. ... How can a young man who is under 30 years old sing that unspeakable social feeling? How did Ah Jer collide with the lyricist SiuHak to produce three complete series of stories? How does SiuHak 's experience of vipassana meditation inject spiritual power into the lyrics?

The story of Jer Lau Yingting, "LauLau fans" is not unfamiliar : graduated from HKBU, Busking for two years, living short of income, doing entertainment full-time to make a living, busy at work and not having time to take care of music, so I gave myself a last chance and resigned barely. Participated in "Good night show", but was kicked out of the top 50. He cried when he left the studio. The music dream was broken. Facing the reality, he had to deal with it seriously...and unexpectedly, he was resurrected. , But stopped in the top 20, and was later invited to the mirror, becoming one of MIRROR 12 sons. In 2020, three singles that echoed each other were released, which was eye-catching and won the gold medal of the most powerful music scene. There are also pictures in his love story. When his girlfriend met him at young age, he sang in the street. She stayed at the end and was the last listener. She was with him to this day. Jer laughed and said that a single audience would come to a thousand people. At the cheering concert, the girlfriend cried into tears in the audience.

Jer is an experienced person who has walked through the troughs of his career, but the depth of the “Tale of Light” series exceeds personal upheaval. Perhaps, in the past two years, the society has undergone tremendous changes. A whole generation of young people have been baptized by history, and they have been passionate and desperate. They have a perseverance in their hearts. In different interviews, Jer talked about his wish: to use music and singing to give new hope to the frustrated and disappointed, and to give new strength to friends in need, just like an opponent on the shore, for the indulged. People out of trouble.

As for injecting spiritual depth into the song, it is the credit of the lyricist SiuHak. If he took the liberty to find him, he readily agreed. SiuHak, who is far away in Hangzhou, said on the phone that he didn't know Jer at first and gave him a love song on the right road. Later, Jer provided a clearer idea. The song in his mind is something like The Shape of Water, the best Oscar movie: a dumb girl who fell in love with the captured weirdo and was both shot and killed while fleeing. She and it , Sinking into the deep sea, the mermaid healed itself, and also cast magic on the woman, turning the wound into gills. Whether a woman is dead or alive is a question mark, but a poem before the end of the play tells the answer: Your presence fills my eyes with your love. It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere; the poem implies that "big love" is accompanied and never left. Don't give up, go beyond life and death.

In this “Tale of Light” series, there are three words "water", "light" and "wind" as the elements of the three songs. After that, there were "The Shape of Water", "The Firefly of Galaxy", "The Realm of Wind", which echoed before and after the trilogy, floating and sinking in the water, returning to the light after death, and wind spirit after death. SiuHak said that when he wrote the third song and recalled it, he realized that the three songs are a process of "death and rebirth."

There are different beliefs and different expressions about life and death souls. I want to put aside the religious sect and talk about it from the experience of an ordinary person: You and I, in a limited life, meet tests from time to time: sorrows and joys are mixed, misfortunes and fortunes are impermanent, desperate situations, hope to survive in desperation, let go of obsessions At that moment, it suddenly became clear, especially through the social storm that broke out almost every weekend in 2019, and from 2020 to the present, under the epidemic and political situation, life is under pressure, like suffocating underwater, searching for gaps and not reaching. These three songs, through Jer's full emotional interpretation, both the singers and listeners feel that life is ups and downs, and the times are restless.

Swim further
In the first song "The Shape of Water", "Shape" is changed to "Punishment", and the punishment of water: "Hold resentment / drowning in the sea center / heavy to hypoxia / no way to turn over", encountered the predicament of not turning over, consciously It is a waste, self-destruction and self-mutilation, the world becomes gloomy, sinking, lack of oxygen, suffocation, Hong Kong suffering, connected as a collective. SiuHak said, Jer emphasized that there must be hope, to see the light, and to have the courage to get out of the predicament: "The light led me to look back again/The shore stretched out this opponent/You solved the poisonous curse", "You opened the day."

My favorite trilogy is "The Firefly of Galaxy". The dying before death, the consciousness floats in the indescribable space. Ajahn Brahm, a British-born monk, often has to accompany dying patients to witness the sudden awakening of the "return to light" before death, clear consciousness, and the scene of life, condensed in a moment, and this state of pause in time, symbiosis as one, the greater self Overflowing, just like the poem by The Shape of Water: "Your presence is full of love. My heart is pure, because you are everywhere."

A clear mind is not necessarily a return to light before death. In our daily life, we can also feel and understand: one night under the night sky of the hidden beach of Saigon, in the silent deep sea of the Maldives, by the city gate river at the beginning of the new moon, at a certain moment of meditation, It is also possible to see the flower of life in my heart. I can tell you frankly, because of the burden of scholars, I would not say the above-mentioned words a few years ago, nor would I resonate today when I heard the song "Return to Light", because I have experienced the endless scenery. , The stars are constantly changing little by little, so that you can come into contact with the spiritual world described by SiuHak from the lyrics.

Smash with all your strength
Hong Kong is going through the process of collective death, and the good things we cherish are disappearing one by one. Residents of Hong Kong, left in the Milky Way, at the ends of the world, where is my home... "I" don't have to "go to the abyss for life", but can "wake up with a smile." Liu said in the interview that "Return to Light" is the darkness before dawn, and I hope everyone "in the darkness / insist on seeing the spectrum", "forget the cause / regardless of the consequences / finally I am shocked / come to crush with all my strength / new and old / The stars are created at the same time.

I thought, SiuHak must have had the experience of being a mirror and not a platform before writing this sense of existence beyond the relics. He moved to Hangzhou in 2008 and was introduced to Buddhism by his wife. He studied different New Age issues step by step, and published works such as "The Flower of Life" and "Sometimes" in collaboration with Cheung KaiChung and Chow KwokYin. I experienced a life slump in 2014. The column ended when the magazine closed. The small shop selling works in Hong Kong closed, and there were problems in all aspects of life. In the depression, he and his friends went to Peru to "drink tea" (Ayahuasca). The 10-day course of treatment made him feel life and death. Every day, tea enters my stomach, my body is like death, my limbs are numb, but my consciousness is clear. Seeing the colorful mandala, this moment is eternal, and I feel that this shore is my home. Looking at myself, SiuHak plays a role on the stage of life, writes words, and writes. In painting, people are small, sky is big, history is hurried, dreamy is like electricity, outside the stage, the self is at ease.

Those who have experienced hardship fall into resentment and feel forgiving. Hong Kong has experienced great suffering, so many people's lives have been turned upside down, and so many immigrants have lost their lives. However, the difficult times are also an opportunity for spiritual recovery. SiuHak's trance experience of "drinking tea", fame and fortune, money and food, these utilitarian "coats" are the easiest to take off, and when you look at yourself inside the game outside, you have a tolerance. I dare to ask, in the long history, there have been sorrows after another. The dead life is irreversible, and the physical and mental trauma is hard to compensate. However, every kind thought and every righteous action defines who we are. Righteousness, keeping watch, support, fame and fortune can be ruined, kindness is virtual, but strong.

Reincarnated Reunion
Friends who have no experience in meditation and meditation will always experience the blessings and misfortunes of the world. Even after a hundred catastrophes, do not forget the work. The vanity in the eyes, the momentary sorrow, will not be eternal. "Then the tears disappeared/My soul suddenly woke up with a smile/It seemed to pass through a dream/Wake up from a dream is also a dream." The key word of the song "The Realm of Wind" is wind, which is about the reborn of the soul. I have doubts about reborn and reincarnation. But even if you don’t know why, don’t worry about the troubles of life. After trials and know how to let go, you will always be able to settle down in the world. I hope that for the rest of our lives in Hong Kong, despite the evil customs, the injured and suffering Hong Kong people will become more beautiful, truer, and kinder-hearted.

Like being drowned by the sea, my soul suddenly struggles and smiles. I pass through a dream. I wake up from a dream. It’s also a dream. Then I see through birth and death. Every gust of wind gives me warmth or coldness. I feel painful but not painful. Listen to the wind chime.
——"The Realm of Wind"

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