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Excerpted from: Hong Kong Life      Original URL: link

Jer Lau, is the lead singer of MIRROR. He is 28 years old this year. He actually experienced dramatic ups and downs before becoming famous, and he is so popular today. Since Jer loves singing and music as early as after graduating from college, he focused on music and joined a band for two years. However, life still needs bread. Jer once revealed in an interview that during the two years of band, he almost lived a zero-income life, earning money is used for music equipment and other hardware equipment.

In order to provide a stable income for his parents, Jer temporarily put off his dream and found a job as an entertainment reporter for the newspaper group. He also worked for three years as an interview, narration, post-production and other media work. Earlier on Stephen Chan Chi-Wan's interview show "stephenchannel", Jer shared that he had visited the band Super Moment during his work. Years later, he even revealed the mentality of being like a small fan at the time. He didn't dare to look at the idol at close range.


After working as the entertainment reporters during three years, Jer resolutely decided to resign in 2018, chasing his dreams, and took part in the first season of "Good Night Show" competition. At that time, Jer, who was shortlisted in the top 99, was disqualified at top 55 when he sang Eason Chan's "Tourbillon". At that time, even the Good Night Show Director Fa thought that Jer, who had good singing skills, would continue the show, but it was a pity that the judges did not notice Jer's light, so Jer stopped abruptly in the first round, and needed to leave the stage of the show immediately.

Jer recalled the situation at the time. After he had been bluntly eliminated, he couldn't accept that his dream needs to be put aside, so he cry. Many contestants and Fa comforted him. Jer even said that he was almost in depression at the time. After being eliminated, he lay on the bed for a few days to digest the facts. He also told his girlfriend that he would work again. Every time Jer mentioned this experience, he couldn't stop tears. 

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