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Lyricist shares a long article

From IG@diuhak (Source)

In keeping with tradition, I am sending you this last long article.

Pic 1 is @hkhehememes' story from July. It just so happens that I have a Kabbalah bookmark (pic 2) on my desk that my friend @rizlaw gave me a few years ago, and it dawned on me that in the past three years we have planted a tree of life with ten songs. So it was necessary to write something for this song to help us to sort out the story of the three series. So I wrote the following text, which I originally put on YouTube, but it was too long for me to put up, so I just put it here.

(Where the water runs out)
Finally, you arrive at the rock garden. The straight and curved lines in the garden are designed to show you that there are rules in the sky and rules in the earth; that there is a rhythm to the universe and a procedure for growth.

You choose not to accept the blessing of the flower by the window; you choose not to believe that every moment life brings you is beautiful and has a reason; you even choose to destroy life itself.

Everything is a choice. It's not a right choice, it's not a wrong choice. It is just a choice.

At this moment you should understand that life cannot be destroyed, but only delayed in its true meaning. But you, from this moment on, must take responsibility for this choice.

The long journey is about to begin and you may have noticed that in this area, time no longer runs linearly; in this first phase, you may feel very, very long, even as long as you wish; but that is just a 'feeling' and if you want to end it, you can always do so.

(Phase 1)
You, who have come with three elements -
That rainy night, watching her through the glass window, staring stupidly at the rain on the window.
That morning, before leaving the house, enjoying with her the dawn of the brickwork.
The breeze that brushed the tears from her face as she looked back at the mountains that afternoon.

These three images, your most memorable, will reappear in the first stage. Only, in your consciousness, the three-dimensional proportions of matter will collapse - the rain will grow into an ocean of memories, the morning sun will shrink into the shimmering light of the sky; after the chaos and confusion, you will feel that familiar breeze again, and for a moment you will seem to understand and be relieved that everything is just a symbol; you will You can't wait to get your feet under you to recreate and continue exploring the wonders of life until the wind chimes are your cue to get going. At this moment, the wind will gradually blow away all your actual experiences and memories of your life, and you will wake up from your dream, because you are desperate to get involved in another dream, in another life.

(Stage 2)
You, who come with three emotions -

These are the memories you can't let go of, the unfinished business that will become the theme of your second life. The anger you feel at not being able to be your ideal self in this life is your soul's eye; the tears will remain in your DNA in the next life and metamorphose into an innate, raw and beautiful 'madness'; the anger that fills your cup and drives you back into the world to lash out and destroy. It will be a test to see if you can wake up from the experience of 'self-annihilation again' and understand that every outward destruction is only reflected in an inward destruction; that it is not the world you hate, but yourself. She will come along at the right time in your life to reunite with you and help you to learn this lesson. But you may be driven by karma to rush into marriage and family, and then catalyse deeper karma and deeper madness. If this is how it plays out, fear not, there is plenty of time! You must understand that the cycle of life is a difficult quest and an autonomous game; the pace of the game is up to you, and you can switch roles at any time, from being a couple to being a mother and a son; or even: you can be the mother and she can be your son. After the experience, some souls will be enlightened, others will not. History plays out endlessly in the afterlife, thus piling up a series of frustrations and disappointments, when the time comes to remember - don't blame fate! Remember, there is no such thing as "predestination". What you are experiencing right now is the consequence of your "free will" choice to destroy yourself. Of course, you are also free to immediately end all karma, but the key lies in the secret weapon hidden in this game of life -


Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

(Stage 3)
You finally understand.
One day, standing in the middle of the stage, you realise that all the flowers and willows you've been waiting for all your life are nothing but a lie, and that it's just a stage. There is no mountain and no water.

The real you is here in the realm of immortality, at the end of infinite time and space, at the axis of destiny ...... From the beginning, time and space were only illusions, in fact only a single consciousness talking to itself, murmuring only these four mantras.
Yet in the earthly world, you keep splitting, misinterpreting, misusing and hijacking these four mantras ...... and then forgetting their true nature and interrelationship.

Until, with great difficulty, you recall these four mantras and reassemble them to harness time into eternity.

Until you realise that these four lines are not meant to be said to anyone in the play, but to yourself in the mirror. If words could sum up life, they would be just that - four simple sentences.

At one moment, the stars shone brightly, and you, at last, rejoined me as an axis, as a dimension, as a love, surrounded by stardust for all eternity, and by stardust, in the vast universe, for your lonely self, in the breath of God, no longer questioning life and death.
In the end, it will not be me or you.

(Sitting and watching the clouds rise)

The future already exists, I see it all.
I am the future you, and I know it.
Your story and hers, my rant.

At this moment I look at you, the one who is experiencing pain in the vision of time and space, and I can only hope and trust that you will take care of it all in the future.
Everything will be in order, right?

Beautiful, helpless souls, sit by the window, relax and look away from the mountains.
At this time, with the red sun in the sky, let me raise a cloud slowly for you and for your time.
A few days later, the rain poured down, creating an ocean of water.
This is just the beginning. Have a good trip, I'll wait for you.


Lyricists share the origins of their lyrics

From IG@diuhak (Source)

The demo for "Sitting and Watching the Clouds Rise" was already available at the beginning of the year, and the whole concept was conceived early on, and the team decided to save it for the end of the year. I don't know how many years the song title has been in my pocket, but Lin Xi wrote a line similar to "Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern hedge" in "Leaving White", so I thought "When sitting watching the clouds rise" must have been written in his spare song title notebook for a long time, right? I had to get ahead of the game! But after years of waiting for the right melody and the right person to write it for, I never thought it would end up being written for a boy band member when he was really in his middle age.


The lyrics were finally finished at the end of June, after three days of writing, I was screaming for three days. Then, like everyone else, it was a long wait, waiting for the recording and editing of the music video. I was worried... afraid that Lau might not be able to carry it (he ended up singing it so well that even the songwriter was too proud of him), afraid that the fans would be too heavy after hearing it... but at the same time, I was anxious to see it soon because I wanted to share it with someone.


I have a musician friend who read a lot of spiritual books back in the 80s and 90s, when bookstores did not have a "New Age" bookcase. About ten years ago, I took the liberty of asking him for some music theory advice, and the conversation quickly changed from music to spiritual information, which gave me a lot of inspiration. I can only say that he is an important friend in my life because he was the one who indirectly rescued me from the abyss of self-destruction, he was the "pair of hands that reached out from the shore". For the past ten years, whenever I wrote lyrics on this kind of subject, I would show them to him, and I remember that there were only two songs that he really liked. I want to tell him soon that the two singers are finally working together, like two ripples colliding and coming together, gently merging two trilogies after a decade apart.


In September, before the song could be completed, my good friend died suddenly.


It's a good thing he's middle-aged, because it's not too hard to accept the loss of a friend or relative. I'm sure he was smiling and listening to the song before it was premiered.


A few days later, columnist Lee Yi passed away. Then the algorithm seemed to know what was on my mind, and sent me an interview with Lee Yi filmed by RTHK in 19 years, the title of the programme was "Sitting and Watching the Clouds Rise".


All of the above has passed away.


A fan heard him sing the song live for the first time from his hospital bed before he died. He told us afterwards, "When I got to the room, he was so excited to see me. Even though he wasn't fluent, he talked to me a lot, saying that our songs could really help a lot of people and that I shouldn't give up when I encountered anything!


But behind the sadness comes a new way of looking at life that is most important. "When you have reached the end of your rope, sit back and watch the clouds rise". Today we are fortunate to have music and pop songs. Songs may not necessarily solve problems, but hopefully they can ease sorrow for a moment. The lyrics include the line: "Not yet. May you be thankful for life... to live is great"... the real final chapter is here. When you get to the last note of the song (make sure you get to the end, Uncle Carl is crazy), you will understand that some things are not good or bad, and there is no need to judge them as such, because they have to happen in order for us to learn to take responsibility for every choice we make in life.


Composer  - About 'To rest and watch the rising clouds'

From @koholaendy (Source)

About 'To rest and watch the rising clouds'


Let's not talk about the production part, let's talk about something a bit more personal. I remember that shortly after the first demo, a lot of things happened and I was emotionally unstable for quite a while. I slowly got back on track and continued to work on the song. When I received the first lyric from @diuhak, I was stunned because the title of the song was 'Sit and Watch the Clouds Rise', something was probably meant to be.


All three versions are very different, it's basically like writing three different new songs. At first I was a bit confused as to what went wrong with the choruses of the first two versions, it's the most times I've been 'knocked back' in my song writing career. But when the finished product came out, I finally understood what he was trying to do, @wongsheungchuncarl had taken the best of all three demos and put them into the final version. The lyrics talk about karma, love entanglement, the power of forgiveness... it's awesome.


And finally, Willowjer @jeremylaous sings it so well it goes without saying, thanks for liking the song and I'm glad it landed on you!

He, who finds the most rightful master.


We hope you all enjoy our work this time.

Sharing from the MV director

From @shunyumo(Source)

Sitting and Watching the Clouds Arise' Official MV


It's been a tough journey, I've shouted, and every time I watch it, it touches my own work.

Thank you to everyone in the team, everyone. No matter what, it's fate to be here together.

I hope you will watch it a few more times.


Thank you, Mr. Lau Yingting, for completing your duties.

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