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The Aesthetics of LESS - On Jer's song : "The Self-Destructing Procedure"

Original text: Chiu Wan,  IG@mirror_etc  (link)

Many people hear a lot of Japanese elements from "The Self-Destructing Program". Regardless of the MV, Nara and Kyoto, dry landscapes, and Japanese aesthetics of death in the lyrics are arranged using the Taisho koto (also known as the Nagoya harp), or the vaguely revealed beauty of mourning. What I'm curious about is how does Jer's singing match these Japanese aesthetics?


Many Hong Kong people who regard Japan as the countryside have seen the dry landscapes of Japanese gardens, landscapes without mountains and water, with rocks as mountains and sand as water, with trees or moss interspersed in the middle, and the key points have been deleted. gravel. Both form and color are more tranquil than organic nature. Such a seemingly Zen-like and minimal poetic aesthetics needs to be carefully maintained by humans. Otherwise, the fine sand, which is like a circle of ripples, will be damaged at any time by wind and rain and accidentally stepped footsteps. One must have a Sisyphus-style will, not afraid of vain, in order to achieve spiritual and aesthetic minimalism, which can be paradoxical or spiritual.


What impressed me most about Jer's vocals is the word "Zai" in the chorus "You go around again". He has carefully thought about the expression of each word. This "Zai" is the same every time it appears. One sentence of other words is put lightly, as if trying to fight with the circle and wandering. This should be the lightest song that Jer sang after "Story of the Wind Spirit". Some people think that Jer knows how to sing, but does not know how to sing, and even "The Rules of Parting" is too hard after bridge. This time he should have taken it back 80% of the time. Even I especially like the treatment of the second verse. Unlike the usual progressive approach, although the drums and bass guitars in the rhythm group have already been added, "Understanding the Dry Mountains/Nara and Kyoto/I didn't go in the end" is almost softer than the verse of the first verse. The sadness he expresses is not hoarse despair, but the hoarse trembling he hears in the first refrain "And in the whirlpool to get you drunk".


I guess my problem is with the arrangement. When the preview came yesterday, I was amazed by the piano solo prelude. If this will be a motif that appears repeatedly in the song, I would expect it to always implement the aesthetics of subtraction, and the clean arrangement highlights Jer's delicacy. Now between the first chorus and the second chorus, before and after the bridge, Jason Kui's very signature electric guitar appears, and the last chorus raises the key, does it break the vain and restrained sadness that has been established? Or would it be too bland as a pop song if it didn't do that? I would hope that someday Jer's songs will appear in a more acoustic and cleaner manner, showing another side ofJer.


Is "The Self-Destructing Procedure" the only thing I haven't gotten out of yet?

Written by: Malay     Original: IG@betterme.magazine   (link)


"Who is across from the building / Silently thinking about / Seeing if she will appear / Surrounding the building / Reluctant to cut it / A circle and a circle"

I once fantasized about going to the end with you to open a new chapter, but I didn't expect you to be in the character of the new chapter. How many times I looked back, how many times I revisited the old places, how many memories of the past are still sweet in my heart, but there is not much left in the palm of my hand. I thought silently, wondering if you would be the same as me, afraid of returning to these old places, but couldn't help thinking, ignoring the eyes of others, and trying to take a chance. One circle...two circles...three circles...delusional and sincere circles in place, I can meet you again as wished.

"Actually inside the building / The calendar hasn't been flipped again / She has already moved / But why look from a distance / A bunch of flowers never change"

Sometimes heartache doesn't have to be heart-wrenching, the real pain is the sadness that suddenly rises up the brows in the dead of night, and the worry spreads lightly throughout the body. In line with the slowly appearing piano sounds at the beginning, Jer deliberately softened his voice this time, and added more aura and true-false sound conversions than before in his performance. Rather than being a storyteller, it is better to talk about his heart There is also a wound that cannot be touched. In the middle of the song, with gorgeous electric guitar, arrangement and forceful articulation, it shows people's courage and impulse to change or restore after separation.

"You go round and round again / Don't face it / There are procedures for indulging in the past and growing up / You go around again and explain how much bitterness / She has already crossed over / And you are drunk in the whirlpool"

If I really meet again, I am very afraid, afraid that you have changed, and I am just reminiscing about the beauty of the old days. If possible, I would like to overturn everything and start all over again, which may be the simplest and easiest way to do it. Just like the final treatment of the song, after the surging returns to calm, as if all the contradictions, conflicts and pain never existed. But in fact, I also know that you are used to the days without me.

Your life is as usual, but I am still in chaos.


Li Zhuan: The Self-Destructing Procedure

Original text: IG@lee.chuen   (link)

There is a kind of heartache, when I want to look back and make amends, it turns out that you have decided to let go and become distant, faded, and unfamiliar with me, and I am the only one left who can't turn this page and silently endure the separation after intimacy. Strangers, indifference after sweetness, and pain after seriousness have always reserved a place in my heart to keep this person safe and sound.

It's ironic, for me, distance has not become letting go; no contact has not become forgetting; no contact has not become not wanting to care, but after seeing your hot and cold and gradually drifting away, I know that I have changed from the meaning of the past. Extraordinary has become today's dispensable, although there are 10,000 reasons for wanting to continue to be together, there is also a lack of a matching identity.

Therefore, even if I still want to contact and chat with you, and joking around like in the past, I don't dare to disturb you, because when your world is no longer short of me, my initiative will only become extremely cheap. .

Since it is always ignored, why bother to be yourself, and continue to let you coldly prove that this relationship is not so necessary?

However, while reality forces me to accept that everything has changed, I still miss the old days.

Therefore, everything in the outside world seems to have a reason to wake up your beauty, and there is always something that makes me sad, even if it is trivial like just remembering some to do lists that we did not implement in the end, it has become a kind of memory call, which makes me It flooded into disaster in an instant, and I remembered many pictures, including the past you, the past us, or sadness or joy; or sadness or pain, which has been carried backwards.

This kind of "involuntarily sinking into memory" suction is like a moth that loves to fight a fire. It is almost an irresistible instinctive reaction. No matter how determined and turned around one moment, the next moment is still very easy to regret and shake.

I know, I really know, it's time for me to lift this dead end, stop living in the guilt of the past and fear in the future, learn to be kind to yourself, and step over the past, because being kind to yourself now means The best way to fix the past and build the future.

However, at the moment, I’m really not doing well at all. Many times I can’t get through it at all. When I’m on the verge of collapse, I can’t digest these losses and drastic changes, and I’m even more powerless to resist. Going down, but after a while and then falling down again, it has been in an infinite loop, involuntarily.

I really want to know, what would you do if you saw that I was always tired, tired, and bored with life? Will it shake for me?

"The Self-Destruction Procedure" Lyrics:

Original text: SiuHak IG@diuhak   ( link )

From carefulness to freedom

At the end of March, began to write the second volume.

"There is no square and circle without rules." The square is a square, and the rule is a compass.

The dwellings and windows in the first episode are all long, wide and high, with square corners, which are more about space;

In the second episode, I want to write a circle. The "program" is more about time, so chorus "one more circle" and "in the vortex" were good in the morning, and I couldn't even think that the verse should be laid out.

One day, Jer listened to "The Rules of Parting" to Director Peng while filming. Director Peng said after listening, "I don't think a boy has ever walked past, and there is a girl hanging near the building all the time."

Oh yes! This idea is so interesting, it really is the first time to start the drama! So I stole the bridge and wrote the phrase "circle and circle" around the building.

I really like these adventures in the creative process. If Jer hadn't made a movie, he wouldn't have been inspired by this.

So thank you Director Peng! @kearenpang

In addition, I would like to thank @shunyumo . The opening location is my selfishly begging him to take the scene. It is the downstairs mailbox corridor of WahDou Building, Wanchai. Wah Dou Building is my former residence, and this corridor records my most important growth.

The words written by the lyricist are actually written and listened to by themselves at the same time.

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