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Production Record of "Decisive Moments in History"
At this moment, I know how to cherish myself, so I am happy; I fool myself, so I suffer. I am love!

Original from: "Decisive Moments in History" Production Record By Carl Wong       Original text from: (IG@ wongsheungchuncarl )  link


Production Record of "Decisive Moments in History"

After finishing the "“Tale of Light” series" last year, when I was thinking about what we want to play next year (2021), it was better to ask @suppermomentsunny to write a song for @jeremylaous (loyal fan) 🤣... Ask Ashi in mid-October Hey, he promised with one mouthful and then wrote it for almost four months. Of course, because "Madman’s Diary" was produced and released during this period, there was no time to catch up; finally received the first version of the Demo at the beginning of March. The wait is definitely worth it! As soon as we heard about it, we knew that we had to play "Rebirth Series" as the finale! So midway, I will write "Castle of Sand" to "Solitaire", and then Outro has already laid a red carpet to welcome this song.

It’s the first edition, but I’m not satisfied with it. I kept revising and revising it in the middle. Until the 7th edition at the end of July, everyone thought "It’s you!" The master @diuhak arrived again and finished the lyrics part at the speed of light. That’s right, you can look at the words in the little brother’s style! Immediately bury them as a team @suppermoment Jam, and then I started to bury the previous elements this time, and the same as the last time "Castle of Sand", I hope this "low-key" will be the same as the previous five. There are a lot of radios in the capital, this time I think Organic, all real instruments-Full band plus Full orchestra! (If it’s not the epidemic, I just want to fly to Europe to record)

The first girl to appear at the end of the intro is about 0'11” 2 #2 3 5 6 This sentence is the riff of "The Diary of a Madman". Originally, the Demo is not a crazy intro, but the arrangement of the song is from " The outro of "Sand" has begun to interpret, so I think there will be a more violent reincarnation process, just like pulling the beginning of "Sand" back with the threat (the end of "Crazy"), and then going back to the "Crazy" The elements reincarnate in the next life.

The crazy atmosphere suddenly turned down to very calm, with only the gentle Harp accompanied by Jer’s singing, and then the guitars slowly joined, and went to the Prechorus tail to join the team with the full orchestra, and do an ascending with the chromatic scale (again. Reincarnation) Go to the Chorus section and notice that the second prechorus is descending (a pair, both are greedy and pretty).
1st Chorus Interlude 2'12" "The Realm of Wind" ringing, this voice plays a very important role in "Reborn Series":
"Listen to the lost and reincarnated reunion in the wind chime"

Many friends from Spot to Outro have the same elements of the previous five songs. For example, it is more obvious that the electric guitar and violin appear in 5'02" "The Shape of Water", 5'06" Oboe's "Return to Light", low-key From 5'09" to 5'14" string music and French horn's "Madman's Diary" 66554433221177 (a family leads to a common business...), 5'15" "The Realm of Wind" reappears, and the last 5'21" to 5'24" The Celeste 115566543 Lullaby of "The Art of Sand"; however, there is a more buried position that is unpopular (maybe I don't know it). Note that 😬 is the last part of Chorus, about 4'42" to The 4'45" violin is the first sentence 3 #4 #5 7 6 3 of Chorus in "The Realm of Wind" (then the tears disappear), so low-key that it is actually far away from the horizon.

This time I have a brief Ah Chicken @ypleungx. The first part of the whole song should be the guitar part of the outro of "Sand Tool". If you don’t know what I’m going to say, it’s important, I’ll explain and demonstrate later, 🤓 it Have played several versions first. 😂

The song that takes the most time must be orchestral, especially string! It has been edited for a week (it is so slow Sor), but they are all the most enjoyable. Intro, bridge, and the last chorus are all my favorites! This "Rebirth Series" made me determined to play Full orchestra's Live performance with Ah Jer one day! Hope...

The other moving bit must be the final chorus. Thank you to the brothers and sisters for another help, especially the editors @mirileung and @llkpeace. I told him tonight that "Thanks" has seen a four-part score and I am so moved!

Finally, if you are destined, you should have heard a familiar voice "Reborn Heartbeat"...I admit that I can't help myself to go to this place twice. 💪🏻🍽🕙

If you want to make the more different voices into one kind of voice, you must thank @frankiehung_fkh at the tailgate for the round-the-clock mixing project!

The production process is citing the meaning of this song "I love you, thank you". In addition to thanking all my work partners, I have to say thank you to myself.

PS I would like to thank my producer @candydarlings behind the scenes for giving me an objective opinion. 0.5dB turned out to be a big difference!


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