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"Greed, hatred, ignorance"-"water, light, wind, madness, sand"
At this moment, I know how to cherish myself, so I am happy; I fool myself, so I suffer. I am love!

Original from: The Origin and Creation Process of "Decisive Moments in History" By SiuHak       Original text from: (IG@diuhak)  link

By the way, after writing "Castle of Sand", I was looking for a title suitable for the third part.


It has long been decided that the ending must "break the game", that is, after the madman has experienced countless reincarnations, he finally rushed out of "ignorance" and "stupidity."


Yes, this is the setting of the rebirth series: "The Diary of a Madman" is about "greed", "The Art of Sand" is about "aversion", and the third song must be about "idiot".


In fact, you can continue to write his reincarnation story. After mother and child become brothers and sisters, then become friends and become can write thousands of poems, but instead of being stuck in the fate of reincarnation, it is better Fast forward jumped to a large group member of the universe level, the ending is good!


Then the universe arranged "Decisive Moments in History" for me. I remember that the Chinese translation of this book used to be "When the Stars of Mankind Shine", the word "的" is a bit redundant; after deleting it, it becomes seven words, which makes it much more comfortable. And when the team agreed to adopt the title, I knew I was going to write a well-lighted lyrics (a lot of pressure).


This time I had the title of the song before the demo. When I heard the first two melody of chorus, I could start with "Stars" and end with "Sparkle", I felt like a melody looking for relatives. It’s not a coincidence, it’s a fate that I set up earlier. I was so excited that Yeah came out, and I knew it was the title of the song, and I also decided to use "chorus". iu" this rhyme.


Then I immediately thought of using paragraph A2 to summarize the elements of the previous five songs: "water, light, wind, madness, sand". Someone’s words are great. In fact, this paragraph is the easiest to write. There are six sentences and a total of forty characters, so I can just put them together and make a point. Ren 哋 "My fine wine sports car camera gold watch also pays attention to" the sentence is KO, let's first focus on the energy. On the contrary, I dropped only a mysterious egg, so far, no one found it. Ok I will disassemble it myself:


Before I write the pen, I have a loud voice. In addition to the A2 section, is there any way to summarize the previous five songs, and finally come to a six-shen combination? Finally, when it comes to a small experiment on writing words, the experimental product is-rhyme.


Most Cantonese songs need rhyming to sound good, but what is the rhyme? When does the rhyme change? Usually depends on the content of the words, or rely on the intuition and sense of the words of the lyricist (for example, which rhyme does the singer sing good? Usually, because the words are closed, the feelings are difficult to let go, and the chorus of the song rarely uses the words. For example, "Nothing Hanging"). But this time, I want to try to be more interesting (and I know that Uncle Carl will definitely be able to cleverly put the elements of the five songs before the cold airing, if I get the A2 section, how about the same chain? ).


So I went back to the chorus rhymes of the previous five songs and found:

"The Shape of Water" is the rhyme of "au" such as "You Shouju";

"The Firefly of Galaxy" is the "o" rhyme such as "Shulupu";

"The Realm of Wind" has "ung" rhymes such as "Rong Meng Meng";

"A Madman's Diary" is a rhyme of "au" such as "old mouth flow";

"Castle of Sand" also has "au" rhymes such as "Hou Zou Shou".


In other words, "Water", "Crazy" and "Sand" are the same rhyme of "au", plus the "o" rhyme of "Hui", the "ung" rhyme of "Wind", and the "people" that has just been set. "iu" rhyme, I hope that by putting these four rhymes in different paragraphs of this song, the two series can be secretly integrated to create a set of "Human Stars Combination Boxing"!


In fact, they are all trying to scare, and I don’t know work or work, because after each lock has a rhyme, can the rhyme provide appropriate text to express specific content? It is to be counted! So this time is really good luck!


In short, paragraphs A1 and B1 of "Decisive Moments in History" use the rhyme of "Huiguang Story"; paragraphs A2 and B2 are the rhyme of "Wind Spirit Story"; paragraph D is the rhyme of "The Shape of Water" + "Madman's Diary" + "Castle of Sand" rhymes; and all the C segments 🟣 belong to "When the Human Stars Are Shining", the rhymes that have never appeared in the previous five songs.


Another good color system. When I wrote the ending sentence of paragraph D, I felt that the four-character word "zixuwuyou" must be included, but the ending sentence has five sounds. If you drag the word "xu" into double sounds It sounds good. Haocai looked up the allusion, and it turned out that there was nothing in Zixu, and they were exactly the two fictional characters in Sima Xiangru's "Zixu Fu" in the Han Dynasty! Hey, you can help me bury your hands, you can add a "harmony" between the two of Zixuwuyou! I yeah come out again (OK, I confessed loudly, when I sent the first draft of the lyrics to the group, I made a mistake, "Zi Wu Xu You"! I made a mistake of the same level as Uncle Tree's roots. Facing the wall for several days 😣)!

At this moment, I know how to cherish myself, so I am happy; I fool myself, so I suffer. I am love!

Original from: The Origin and Creation Process of "Decisive Moments in History" By SiuHak       Original from: (IG@diuhak)  link

As for the structure of the lyrics, since I listened to the "old school" of Cantonese songs that grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, I paid more attention to the succession and transformation of the lyrics, as well as the neatness, balance and symmetry between paragraphs. After receiving the demo, how many verses are there in Melody? How many chorus? Is there pre-chorus? Is there a bridge? First, let’s go over how to arrange the content (it’s just my little obsession, but this obsession will make the arranger so happy, don’t you ask Uncle Carl).

The order Verse-prechorus-chorus-bridge-chorus can usually be successfully substituted into the function of starting, carrying and turning, but it may be different every time. For example, because this song is the last song of the series, "Qi" can be less spaced and go directly to "Success". (What is the meaning of "trap" in the first sentence? Understanding refers to reincarnation and destiny), and "turning" can also appear faster (B1, B2, and D), and then the two ending sentences in C3, "I can't shine, hate, hate, I still shine" decisively "join" On it (this obsession with structure is deeply influenced by my ultimate idol, Italian writer Italo Calvino, especially his last book "Mr. Palomar", I am interested in google it myself).

In addition, I listened to two golden songs of the century, stealing nutrients and energy first, and I asked Liu Zi to listen to the recording after writing. The first song is KwanChingKit's "Star", and the original song is "Subaru" by Tanimura Shinji (Young people please YouTube, listen well). I heard that the condition for cover Japanese songs was to require Hong Kong lyricists to fill in the meaning of the original song as much as possible. If you look back at the original Japanese words, you will know how wonderful Mr. Cheng Kwok Kwong is! And at the beginning of the A2 section of "Decisive Moments in History", the bottom of the drum similar to the march, I myself wishfully felt that it was Uncle Carl's tribute to "The Stars".

The other song, which is actually not too relevant, but it is actually relevant, is Sada Masashi's "Wind に立つライオン" (Lion Standing in the Wind, YouTube has). The story of this song later became the movie "Benevolent Doctor". The words are so obsessive and moving. Every sentence is longer than Christopher Chak. When I finally cut into the "Amazing Grace" chorus, I always heard it. I really missed " "When Human Stars Shine" can have this kind of epic feeling and care for humans. If you think "People" did it, it must be the credit of Uncle Carl, and the "Music Die Chorus" 🙏🏽.

In terms of content, I think everyone basically got the real meaning of "love yourself", and @heychillhk's YouTube channel just released a commentary, which is quite close to the author's original intention (except for "light flashing wild grass hanging dew" The two sentences are actually derived from "Like dew is like electricity" in "Diamond Sutra"). Don't you know? I’m going to bury the following paragraph to explain what you see (someone asked me about the "Thirteenth One Thousand One Hundred and Tenth Five" of the madman? Is there a password? Yes: before I write, ring the group to tell everyone I’m a lucky number, Uncle Carl talks 13, Liu Zi talks 11, Director Sheng talks 30, and finally I add 5 = 131135, it’s just the opposite, but I hope it’s a climax!).

Commentary on "When the Stars of Mankind Shine":

Thirteenth thousand one hundred and thirty-fifth

Theme of this life: I love you, thank you.

He has experienced many lifetimes after "Castle of Sand". Each familiar character appears in a different role in turn, touching various emotions, mixing pains and happiness, but it seems that he can never break the cycle of fate, and he can never get away from suffering and happiness. .

I have been searching for the final answer and truth of that life, only to find that life has no so-called truth at all. This is the realization that "continue to search for the truth" is the only truth. This is a snake chasing its own tail. It is a snake. A journey without an end, impermanence and change is eternity.

So he stopped and looked up at the stars, and finally found that all the past and the future are just tools that exist for this specific dimension; the past and present, all the pains and joys, and all the stories are dreamy bubbles, like dew and electricity, in an instant. Disappeared in the formless, turned back to the mirror flower water and confinement was nothing. Nothing is true, only the present love is the only truth in life.

He finally saw through that life is just a dream, or just a possibility; and the world is just a "theater" of self-fiction. We are always trapped in time, immersed in the plot, or crying or laughing, completely lost in it. Played as a madman in the previous life, as a filial son in this life, and as a fierce girl in the next life... All are "characters" set to experience various emotions.

He has penetrated everything, the so-called "I" does not exist at all, "I" is all life, and "I" is the only total consciousness that eternally overrides this theater.

In addition to the fall of the night that hangs in the theater, the stars like the spotlight shine one by one, and the dazzling light is scattered in the vacuum, and from the void into countless love and hatred, scattered on every character in the theater, for them in the dark night Leading the way, or letting them get lost in loneliness, turning back and forth between pity and confusion, the purpose is to finally discover that the powerful axis of this great wheel of destiny is precisely "love" itself.

I cherish myself, so I am happy; I fool myself, so I am miserable. I am love.

The stars illuminate the sky and the mirror of the heart, making the sky surrender and melt away. Until the end of the universe, everyone gratefully said to the solitary self in the mirror: "I love you, thank you", this is "when the stars of mankind are shining."

----—————————— 😇 I am the dividing line -------------—————-

If you don’t know, I will send you a lot of comics (advertising: already included in the first issue of @ztorybook.official, in case you want to help with the physical book 🙇🏾). I feel that if the fourth dimension is "time," then the next dimension is "love." We humans do not know what time is, but the entire three-dimensional world is also dragged away by time; we humans do not understand what love is, but the entire four-dimensional world is actually dragged away by love. Huh? You think again, think again, and think again. Until your heart can understand it, tears will flow out naturally.

Love is the axis.

"I love you, thank you ❤️." Say to yourself every day, and then to everyone.

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