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Jer Lau Ying Ting (born 20 November 1992) is a Hong Kong singer, actor and member of the male group MIRROR, one of the top 20 singers in the Good Night Show. He joined MIRROR as one of the lead singers after the 2018 Star Awards. On 29 February 2020, he released his first solo single "Water Torture Story" and made his debut as a solo artist. He won the "New City Jing Pao Awards 2020" New Talent Award, the "Shouting at the Top of the Music Charts 2020" Gold Award, the "43rd Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs" Top Ten Chinese Gold New Artist Bronze Award and the "Chill Club Promotion 20/21" New Artist of the Year. Chill Club Newcomer of the Year.

Career History

Jer Lau Ying-ting has dreamed of becoming a singer since he was a child and won many singing competitions during his school years. In 2012, he formed his own pop band "Bromance" with his friends and was the lead singer/bass guitarist of the band. In 2013, he formed the metal rock band "Zhi Fei Yu", which focuses on writing original songs in Cantonese. In the same year, he joined the performing arts training course of "Tiptop Creative Partners" as a member of the group and participated in a musical theatre training course organised by Radio Television Hong Kong. After graduating from tertiary school, he worked full-time in music and orchestra, and sang on the streets of Hong Kong. In 2018, he quit his job as a journalist to take part in the ViuTV talent show "Good Night Show". He was originally eliminated in the first round of the 50-team competition, but was fortunate enough to be given a chance to resurrect his career by the star-studded panel of mentors who appreciated him and secured five additional spots, before he made it to the top 20.

The list of Solo

The first single "The Shape of Water"

On February 29, 2020,Jer released his first solo single "The Shape of Water", which is the beginning of the “Tale of Light” series. The song is composed by Jer and producer Carl Wong. It tells the protagonist as if trapped in an underwater world, unable to breathe, and after the dawn brings hope, he finally succeeded in getting out of the pain. Complex emotional changes require singing skills to express emotions and resonate with the audience, and the demo from Taiwan is performed by a female voice, which is a difficult singing work. Jer also bluntly said that when recording in the studio, he was frustrated because he couldn't find the feeling at the beginning, or the singing was wrong, but after constant adjustments, he was finally satisfied with the world. Having her own song for the first time, Jer actively participated in the creation, whether it was lyrics arrangement or MV scenes, many of which were her own ideas. The producer also praised his diligent and dedicated attitude. In addition, Fa, who has not produced a MV for more than ten years, also resolutely came out to direct the MV for him. In order to shoot beautiful underwater images, Jer had to dive into three meters deep water with a lead block on his back. Although he was not familiar with water, thanks to the encouragement of sister Fa and the careful preparation of the staff, he finally overcame his fear and took beautiful images while also practicing personally. Demonstrated the concept of "Water Punishment Story" for music fans and fans. The song’s MV broke 1 million views on March 17, 2021 [Note 1], becoming its first MV to break one million and the fourth MIRROR member with a million views of the MV.

The second single "The Firefly of Galaxy"

On August 12, 2020, Jer released his second solo single "The Firefly of Galaxy". The song continues to be edited and supervised by Carl Wong, the producer of the first single, and SiuHak wrote the lyrics, and composed by singer-songwriter Ng LamFung. The story tells the story of the protagonist of the last single who was drawn to the surface of the water after seeing the dawn, but lost the lead of the dawn, lost in the Milky Way, and finally found out that he was the light source. The vocal range of "Huiguang Story" is wider than that of "Water Criminal Story", and the emotional advancement is more surging, requiring higher singing skills. This MV went to the Lian Ma Keng mine on the remote border for shooting. Jer and his staff were climbing and wading in the hot weather. Many episodes occurred during the MV. Jer almost lost his beloved ring, and even accidentally hit the top of his head. Red. Despite the painstaking process, thanks to the help of the staff, the MV shooting was successfully completed in the end. The song's MV exceeded 1 million views on June 4, 2021, becoming the second MV to break one million.

The third single "The Realm of Wind"

On October 14, 2020, Jer released his third solo single "The Realm of Wind", which is the final chapter of the story trilogy. The song was composed by the producer Carl Wong himself, and the music elements of the previous works "Water Crime Story" and "Returning Light Story" were added to the arrangement. SiuHak also handed over the beautiful and in-depth lyrics of the Monogatari series again. Each of the three singles has its own characteristics. And they are interlocking and echoing each other. The story of the story trilogy follows the near death of "Water Criminal Tale" and the death of "The Firefly of Galaxy". The representative of "The Realm of Wind" has died, and it brings out the message of hope that the audience will be relieved of the regret. Unfortunately, as the final chapter of the series, there is no MV for the single due to epidemic issues and company policies.

The fourth single "A madman's diary"

On March 28, 2021, Jer released his fourth solo single "Madman's Diary", the beginning of the reborn trilogy. The song was edited and supervised by Carl Wong, SiuHak wrote the lyrics, and Wu Linfeng composed the song, which is the same as the team of "The Firefly of Galaxy". The concept of the song follows the story of the story trilogy, telling the life of a madman. Jer hopes to bring Progressive Rock into the Cantonese song through this song, pay tribute to the idol Queen, and encourage everyone to be loyal to themselves. The style of this song is quite different from the usual song style of composer Wu Linfeng. He said that when he was instructed to compose a very rock and dramatic song, he was very excited, and he got inspiration from the mood of blocking during the game. This song invites LaiHiuYeung to join the throat singing and play Didgeridoo custom-made in the United Kingdom, bringing some "mumbling" and "praising" effects to the bridge that tells the madman looking back. Carl Wong describes this as the voice of the heart demon.  The MV for the song exceeded 1 million views on June 12, 2021, becoming the third MV to break one million.


The fifth single "Castle of Sand"

On July 16, 2021, Jer released his fifth solo single "The Art of Sand", the sequel to the reborn trilogy. The song was composed and supervised by Carl Wong, and SiuHak wrote the lyrics. It is the same as the team of "The Wind and Spirit Story". The song's MV exceeded 1 million views on July 24, 2021, becoming the fourth MV to break one million.


The sixth single and movie theme song "Magical Road"

Jer's sixth solo single and the theme song of the movie "Mama's Wonder Boy" "Magic Road", the song was composed and supervised by Dai Wai, and Chan SumYaoo wrote the lyrics. According to reports, the film director Yim ChiWan believes that Jer's acting background and perseverance personality are in line with the positive theme that the film hopes to bring out. Therefore, Jer specially appointed Jer to sing the theme song for the film. [8] At the same time, this is also the first collaboration between Jer and the Hong Kong Children's Choir. On the day of the recording, the movie heroine NgKwunYu came to the scene to cheer.  On July 24, 2021, Jer performed the movie theme song for the first time in a movie promotion event held in Olympian City . On July 28 of the same year, the song and MV were officially released on major streaming platforms. .

The seventh single "Decisive Moments in History"

On October 13, 2021, Jer published the final chapter of the "Reborn Trilogy"-"Decisive Moments in History". The song was composed by the band Supper Moment, SiuHak wrote lyrics, and arranged by Supper Moment and Carl Wong, and supervised by Carl Wong. The song premiered on the music scene at 12:15 that day, and was officially released on various music platforms at 13:00 on the same day.

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