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Decisive Moments in History

Decisive Moments in History


The Thirteenth Thousand and One Hundred and Thirty-fiveth Life
The theme of this life: I love you, thank you.

After "Castle of Sand", he lived many more lives, with each familiar character appearing in a different role, triggering different emotions, bitterness and happiness, but seemingly never able to break the cycle of destiny, never able to escape from suffering and happiness.

It is only then that he realises that the only truth is "to keep on searching for the truth", that this is a snake chasing its own tail, a journey with no end in sight, and that impermanence is eternity.

So he stops and looks up at the stars, and finally realises that the past and the future are only tools that exist for this particular dimension; that past lives and present lives, all suffering and happiness, all stories are just dreams and illusions, like dew and lightning, disappearing into nothingness in an instant, turning back into mirrors and water and moon. Nothing is real, only love in the present moment is the only reality in life.

He finally sees that life is just a dream, or just a possibility, and that the human world is just a self-constructed 'theatre'. We are always trapped in time, immersed in the drama, crying or laughing, completely lost in it. In a past life, we played a madman, in this life we play a filial son, in the next life we are a martyr ...... It is all a "role" set up to experience various emotions.

I am all life, and I am the only total consciousness that is eternally above the theatre.

The curtain of the theatre falls, and the stars glow one by one like magnesium lamps, shining brightly out of the vacuum, and transforming into countless love and hate from the void.

I cherish myself and am happy; I fool myself and am miserable. I am Love.

The stars illuminate the sky, and they illuminate the mirror of the heart, so that the firmament also submits and melts away. Until the end of the universe, when everyone says thankfully to the solitary self in the mirror, "I love you, thank you", that is "when the stars of humanity shine".

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